Premiere: Geowulf find therapy in a brilliant new single, I See Red

Premiere: Geowulf find therapy in a brilliant new single, I See Red

Mixing subtle electronica with stripped-back guitar and soaring melodies, the two-piece find something beautiful in their latest.

If you're yet to find yourself acquainted with London-via-Australian two-piece Geowulf, then be sure to find the time to do so now - you won't regret it. Three years of consistent releases topped with their debut album, 2018's Great Big Blue, has seen them evolve and grow into an established act on the rise, finding beauty in this genre-blurring sound not too far off what you'd expect from Beach House's melody-layering or Hatchie's dreamy pop hooks, finding middle ground as they combine soaring melodies with bright, catchy hooks you often find yourself lost within. It's something they spotlighted on their 11-track debut album, which seems like an exploration of the many sounds Geowulf are able to pull out and expand upon within this hazy sub-genre; something they're set to do again in 2019 with a big, big year planned.

I See Red, their first single since the debut album and their first taste of what's to come, showcases this expertly. It's refined and polished but also densely-layered and lush, with melody on melody layering on top of each other while vocals float over the top. There's their stripped-back guitar, subtle electronic pulses, dense percussion and a whole lot more, all combining to create swirling beauty that provides the perfect backdrop for what's quite therapeutic lyricism. "I See Red was written after an argument with my sister," says frontwoman Star Kendrick on the single. "The song was a realisation that you are only ever your most raw, horrible self when you’re with the people you love to death and who love you."

Continuing, Star Kendrick says the single's meaning - and what the rest of their work of the year to come - is the result of being open and learning how to expose yourself and be vulnerable, as we'll let her explain: "I have been very proactive over many years in going to therapy, talking openly about mental health and have constantly taken steps to control emotions, moods and even my temper - having a family history of mental illness, this is something my siblings and I have had a lot of awareness about. This song is about that process and what I’ve learnt. The ebbs and flows of trying to be the best version of yourself."

Dive into the single below, and stay tuned for more to come:

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