Premiere: The Little Lord Street Band share the powerful video for Through The Night

Premiere: The Little Lord Street Band share the powerful video for Through The Night

One of the highlights from the Perth band's debut album - out last year - gets a potent visual treatment that will stop you in your tracks.

Trigger Warning: This example discusses - and recounts experiences of - sexual assault, sexual harassment and domestic abuse.

The Little Lord Street Band's debut album A Minute Of Another Day is a record we've talked about a little bit over the last 12 months, especially as more visual pieces from the album's puzzle emerge since its initial September release. Over the last year, the Perth-based alt-country outfit have been busy bringing their album to life through the visual means; the latest of which coming in the form of a video for Minute Of Another Day premiering a few months ago.

If you think back to the album's initial release (or have heard the album since it came out), you'd probably remember Through The Night as a stand-out, however. Featuring songwriter Bri Clark, the song reflects upon experiences shared by frontwoman Natasha Shanks, addressing the shame and victim-blaming of sexual assault victims as seen through social media / online throughout the #MeToo era. "We sat at my kitchen table and literally laughed and cried our way through the words and then took it to the piano to work out the pre-chorus changes and overall sense of resolution and hope to an almost hopeless experience," remembers Shanks on the experience.

Today, the next piece of The Little Lord Street Band's visual journey unveils itself in the form of a video clip to Through The Night, and as you could expect, it's a powerful accompaniment to a single that should be remembered amongst everything that comes from the band in the past, present and future. Directed through Melbourne by Arlo Cook, the video clip carries a stark and impactful message about domestic and sexual assault and the victimisation so often brought alongside it, all while carrying this sense of resilience that comes from the single's slightly hopeful lining.

"We went back and forward for a long while on how to approach the concept for the video clip. With COVID restrictions coming and going in Melbourne over 2020-21, Arlo Cook dug deep into the story behind the song and how best to visually marry it up," says Natasha on the video clip, which premieres on Pilerats today. "Filmed on the streets of Melbourne, [the video comes] with the view of shining a light on female-identifying victims of assault, abuse and murder – noting a staggering one in every eight women experience it, and one woman a week is murdered by a domestic partner in Australia."

It's a statistic that the crew try to shine a light on through the single's video, with the acoustic backing being the perfect soundtrack for the dark video clip. "It’s very close to home for many. You could say this was a song written on the coat of the #metoo moment or a revolt to shame and victim-blaming – we deserve our right to safety and freedom regardless of background, culture, environment, ethnicity, or whatever gender we identify with. Enough is enough. Safety in numbers – the more voices, the more petitions, and protests, the more the government can’t ignore us or stick their heads in the sand. Enough is enough. Down with the boy’s club, down with victim-blaming, down with the patriarchy. We need to educate, learn and communicate."

Through The Night and its accompanying video clip are bound to be amongst the most powerful work The Little Lord Street Band have ever done, so we encourage you to take a dive into the video clip below, as it arrives today:

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