Photo Diary: sweater curse vs Falls Festival Lorne

Photo Diary: sweater curse vs Falls Festival Lorne

Falls, fear and loathing in Lorne, Victoria.

All photos by Seamus Platt.

What a ripper year 2018 was for Brissy bandits sweater curse. From playing Falls Lorne, supporting The Jungle Giants, Polish Club and Phantastic Furniture to name a few, impressing BIGSOUND and a heap of triple j rotation... There's a reason why they're one of this country's buzziest emerging bands. They'll be capitalising on that hype in 2019, already winning the Unearthed slot to play Brisbane Laneway, and have a new EP set for release on March 1, so it's all systems go.

Before that though, please enjoy a nice little re-cap of their Falls Festival Lorne experience, shot by Seamus Platt and told by vocalist Monica Sottile:

Playing Falls Lorne on NYE 2018 was a wild and fun experience for us. Seamus Platt (who takes all our press photos and has done all of the artwork for our last few singles and our upcoming EP) came along with us and took some photos so we can remember our first Falls Fezzy forever...

sweat curse falls festival 01

When we got to Melbourne and hired out our car we had to go all over the city to borrow camping gear for the weekend. Unsurprisingly everything took longer than we thought and we only had half an hour of sunlight left when we arrived at the festival. This pic is us throwing everything out of the car so we can set up our tents before it was pitch black. Spoilers: we made it!

sweat curse falls festival 02

Camping in the VIP section at Falls meant waiting every morning for the shuttle to the festival ground - which only took five mins and came all the time. It was a nice still moment before the hustle & bustle of the fezzy.

sweat curse falls festival 03

sweater curse <3 Moaning Lisa. ML played on the 30th and we went in early to make sure we saw the whole thing. They are such an incredible group of musicians and we can’t wait to see all the amazing things they do this year.

sweat curse falls festival 04

Here is a lovely red bottle brush. One of the nicest things about the camping area was how surrounded by nature we were - the stars were so bright every night. It was a nice contrast to the business of the festival.

sweat curse falls festival 05

We were all super stoked to be able to see Soccer Mommy play at Falls. I am a huge huge fan and said hello to her in the backstage area before realising that I was too star struck to know what to say. Her set was perfect.

sweat curse falls festival 06

At the times we didn’t want to wait for the bus the path to the festival from the camping area was actually a pretty nice walk. Here’s me at the beginning of the walk making sure my belt is still working.

sweat curse falls festival 07

Playing a festival stage for the first time was crazy. Everything is so much bigger and the stage crew are SO organised. I felt like I was somehow taking someone’s place in the professional music world. It was so cool and scary.

sweat curse falls festival 08

There was so much space between us all on the stage and, as someone who is always a little bit awkward on stage, I didn’t know what to do with all of it.

sweat curse falls festival 09

You may wonder why we are all wearing warm clothes on New Year's Eve in Australia, but it was actually way colder than we expected it to be in Lorne. I think it was averaging like 14-20 degrees during the day and then way colder every night. 

sweat curse falls festival 10

sweater curse loves Hatchie! It was so exciting to see Hatchie play at Falls after such a huge year for them! The set was lovely as always and it was nice to see familiar faces backstage as well.

sweat curse falls festival 11

A backstage sneak peak - the totem tennis playing started heating up in the sun. Who dares, wins.

sweat curse falls festival 12

See what I mean about how beautiful it was camping with all of this around us? A truly lovely and fun experience for our first ever festival show. Hopefully we can do it all again sometime soon.

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