Australian Music Is Bloody Great: Body Type

Australian Music Is Bloody Great: Body Type

The Sydney band's Cecil and Annabel share some of their favorite Australian contemporaries

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Written by Joshua Kreusler

Sydney's Body Type take classic power-pop and garage-rock into gnarlier realms with a sly and spirited sound that has seen them gain international attention. With the release of their second album Expired Candy, Cecil and Annabel share some of their favorite Australian contemporaries on Australian Music Is Bloody Great.

RVG - Midnight Sun


Cecil: This is off their recent release Brain Worms, congratulations RVG. They have been a huge inspiration for us in the past few years. They are such wonderful musicians and beautiful people. Its exciting to see them absolutely kill it everywhere.

Annabel: Go forth and prosper RVG. You rule!

Terry - Crimes


Annabel: Terry are a Melbourne band. They are a power couple duo band and if I could I would be adopted by both couples in the band, but I'll just have to make do with listening to their songs. This is a slightly older song, even though they have a new album out, but it has a ripping bass line and I couldn't go past it.

Sweetie - Liminal Bliss


Cecil: We love this band and they are supporting us on our tour for our new record Expired Candy, and we are so excited to have them. This song was also released on Blossom Rot records—shout out to Sophie McCornish, (Blossom Rot label co-owner) our wonderful band mate.

Annabel: ...and Nathalie Pavlovic our wonderful friend! (Blossom Rot label co-owner)

Wet Kiss - Honey Walks Away


Annabel: This is a Sydney/Melbourne band, I think the cool lead singer might be in Berlin now. I'm super jealous, she's super stylish and amazing. They're a really cool band. This album that came out this year kind of has a lot of different moods on it. This is a real jangly mood, which I take part in from time to time.

Party Dozen - Risky Behaviour


Cecil: These two are just the best musicians ever. It is an insane experience watching this band live. Shout out to our wonderful friend, Jonathan Boulet, on the tubs who recorded our most recent record.

Annabel: ...and the one before it!

Cecil: ...and the one before it! yeah, this song is like being in a film or a true crime...

Annabel: It's like a detective suicidal virgin.

Cecil: Yeah, its in some kind of thriller/drama sitch. I hope you listen to this while driving in a forest at night.

Body Type - Expired Candy


Annabel: Here is a new track from our album Expired Candy.

Cecil: And the song is called the same thing, Expired Candy.

Body Type Tour Dates:

- Aug 11 - Marrickville Bowling Club - Syd

- Aug 13 - The Servo - Dharawal Land

- Aug 19 - Corner Hotel - Melb

- Aug 26 - The Zoo - Bris

- Sep 01 - Rechabite - Perth

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