Trippie Redd celebrates turning 21 with new single, Dreamer

Trippie Redd celebrates turning 21 with new single, Dreamer

The US rapper hasn't slowed down in 2020, dropping a deluxe edition of his most recent album amongst features with JuiceWRLD and PARTYNEXTDOOR.

In a year where music seems to be slowing down, Trippie Redd is doing the opposite. Since his emergence, one of the rapper's strongest drawcards has been his consistency; his balance between a constant flow of releases for much of the last few years and the quality of each and every one of them being something that makes Redd stand out from the crowd of rappers he's often placed alongside.

Despite everything thrown at him in 2020, it's become clear Trippe Redd is keeping that consistency at the forefront of the project this year. He's already released a deluxe edition of his 2019 record A Love Better To You 4 that saw it extended by a few tracks, while sharing singles and guest features including the late Juice WRLD, PARTYNEXTDOOR, BigKiit and KSI, all while hopping on tracks by Lil Mosey, Cheat Codes and Australia's own Phi11a - a signing to Def Jam's exciting AU/NZ imprint.

Now, celebrating his 21st birthday - June 18th, a.k.a. yesterday - he's shared a stand-alone, completely solo track, with Dreamer being somewhat of a victory lap for the hip-hop megastar who has already achieved so much despite being just 21. Opening with a twisted-and-screwed sample, the track quickly bursts into that signature Trippie Redd sound, which over the last few years, has evolved and grown without veering too far from that experimental, genre-blurring sound that he's pinpointed and fleshed out over the years.

The one major draw point of Dreamer, however, is that it's distinctly Trippie Redd. While all his work throughout the year thus far has enlisted guest collaborators or been guest features themselves, Dreamer is a solo affair that proves Redd doesn't need assistance in making something that stands out, taking centre spotlight and not letting it go until the track wraps up just shy of three-minutes later. It's essentially Trippie Redd boiled down to his most potent form; a signature display of what he does best undeterred by having to share the spotlight with people who may overshadow him and steal headlines.

There's no doubt more to come, knowing Trippie Redd. In the meantime, take a dive into Dreamer below and keep an eye on Trippie Redd as he continues to blossom into a dominant name in international hip-hop.

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