Jack Cullen and Allday interview one another; celebrate Spilled My Coffee remix

Jack Cullen and Allday interview one another; celebrate Spilled My Coffee remix

The interview comes as Allday hops on the remix of Spilled My Coffee, Jack Cullen's viral collaboration with Snøw and Rxseboy.

There's a strong chance that you might've heard Spilled My Coffee play through your speakers at some point in the last few months. The viral hit is a super-collaboration between some of 2021's runaway success stories - self-proclaimed 'lo-fi king' and US genre-twisted Snøw, British crooner Jack Cullen and Powfu collaborator Rxseboy - forging together their highlights to create a song that feels like an introduction to faces of the future, and the genre-mixing versatility of music's next generation.

It then makes sense to bring Allday on board for an Australian-branded remix of the single, as someone so often synonymous with music's constantly shifting versatility. Allday is someone that needs no introduction; the musician being a mainstay of Australia's alt-rap world ever since his entrance a near-decade ago, maintaining his prowess through constant evolution and growth. Take his Drinking With My Smoking Friends record released back in May for example, which saw an embrace of the rockier, alt-pop side of his work in a pivot that even five years ago would've felt far-fetched.

Allday's input on Spilled My Coffee, however, feels like a flashback to the more rap-aligned side of his sound, if not a more heightened take that shows how he's furthered himself and his talents over the last few years. It mixes perfectly into the original, trading verses with Rxseboy while Jack Cullen adds a soulful touch through his crooning vocal, which blends perfectly with the off-kilter and timid production carved together by Snøw (whose Midas touch on lo-fi feels proven on Spilled My Coffee).

The end result is the warped flashback to Soundcloud's hey-day brought forward into a 2021 lens; a revisiting off the subtle Majestic Casual domination that's enrichened with sounds and textures only popularised within the last few years, as an exciting next generation of musicians take the wheel and bring exciting new flavours as they come. The Spilled My Coffee remix presents the heights of that, and with Allday's addition, the track gets a new edge that adds yet another dimension to its multi-facetedness - it's quite the time.

While Allday is an ever-present force both in Australia and internationally, the rest are acts that we think are well worth keeping an eye on in the years ahead. In the meantime, take a dive into the new remix below, and underneath, read an interview between Allday and Jack Cullen, as they quiz one another and get the dirt on the remix's eventual creation:

Jack Cullen interviews Allday: 

Do you actually like croutons in your salad and why?

Not really no. But in a Caesar Salad, it's a crouton fest. It's mostly crouton, it's kind of a salad for people who don't like salad. The crouton makes the salad edible. So that's what that line means.

Which Australian artists are you most inspired by musically?

We have a lot of good music here. Probably Nick Cave overall. You have to be pretty smart to be relevant for 40 years.

What are the top 3 European cities you would want to tour in?

Dublin, Vienna and Prague.

I'm a really big fan of your mullet, what inspired this haircut?

Thanks. Everyone seemed to have a mullet around Australia a few months ago so I got one too.

Obviously, Australia is renowned for its deadly animals, so what do you think would win in fight, a shark or a crocodile?

Not sure but I'd buy the pay per view.

Allday interviews Jack Cullen: 

I notice you like to wear caps. Do you have a favourite cap?

I do! It’s one that my dad had when he was my age… it’s hanging on by its last threads!

How many coffees do you drink per day?

Usually two! Depends on how I feel. No coffee after midday though! Blows my mind when people have coffee after dinner?!?!

Describe the worst coffee spill you’ve ever had.

It doesn’t happen all too often… Don’t want people to think I’m really cack-handed! Although I have spilled coffee on a nice clean white T. That’s the worst, and the inspo for the lyric!

If I was to visit London where should I stop for coffee?

As I’m writing this I’m tucking into a smooth Flat White in a coffee shop called ‘Common’ in South West London. It’s great here! To be honest there are too many to pick a winner!

Do you have an Ableton/Logic/Pro Tools plug-in or trick that you can recommend for everyone who wants to sound like Jack Cullen?

Logic is my go to. I’m veryyyy much still finding my way around and getting rough ideas down! I tend to double all my vocals as I think it adds SO much texture! You also get Imperfections… which I think are perfect!

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