Premiere: Alex Parkman, one to watch in Perth rap, shares his debut EP, Motion

Premiere: Alex Parkman, one to watch in Perth rap, shares his debut EP, Motion

Following on from two teaser singles, the EP is a three-track display of why Parkman is one to keep an eye on.

Over the last six months, we've found ourselves coming back to Perth rapper Alex Parkman when asked who's within the exciting new frontier of Perth-based hip-hop. There's a lot of acts within this realm for sure (and a lot of them we do cover), but Parkman seems to be in his own lane, and it's something he's showcased time and time again within 2019 thus far. There was King of the Block first, an introduction to the artist-on-the-rise thick with bass kicks and swirling melodies, before Red & Blue Pill, his second single shared a few months back, made it two for two; his vocal confidence building as he attempts a hazier trap-rap sound in-line with the dominating US rap influence.

Now, he's hitting the ground running with a new, three-track display of exactly why Alex Parkman is an artist everyone should be keeping an eye on throughout the second half of 2019. Armed with three new tracks - Bentley TruckSurvive and Just A Minute - the three-track collection (titled Motion, out today) showcases his versatility as a rapper and his ability to adapt to - and triumph above - any production he sets his effortlessly-brilliant glide above. Within it, it captures a turbulent year filled with highs and lows, and you can feel that in his vocal flow when the EP continues - it's always assertive and confident, just like it was on Red & Blue Pill, but there's a slight emotive touch to it which makes it all the more real and authentic. "This EP is the essence of what my life has been like for the past year," he says on the EP. "A lot of motion in my life, from success to learning to deal with heartbreak. It's all in there."

Over the course of 2019 thus far, Alex Parkman has blossomed to a Perth hip-hop underground into someone turning into something really special, and with lots to come through the second half of 2019 - and beyond - we have no doubts in saying that he might just be our next big hip-hop export. Dive into the EP below:

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