Premiere: Chiseko - Confidence

Premiere: Chiseko - Confidence

Take a first listen to rising West Aussie MC CHISEKO showcasing his range on housey new single

After making his return earlier in the year with the buttery smooth CARE featuring long-time local favourite Your Girl Pho, it’s only been a few months wait this time for new music from MC CHISEKO, who’s back with CONFIDENCE, premiering on Pilerats today. 

Produced by Chill Docs, CONFIDENCE opens with some sultry brass samples before giving way to a housey four-four kick drum, deep basslines and mellow synths providing the sonic palette for CHISEKO to alternate between rapid fire rhymes and sing-a-long inducing vocal hooks. 

CHISEKO expands on this saying “This track is about having a bulletproof level of CONFIDENCE and backing yourself no matter what. Done over a fun dance beat, CHISEKO's high energy vocals compliment the similarly exciting beat. 

The implementation of stylish horns, a pumping four on the floor kick and silky vocals glues the track together nicely and both CHISEKO and Chill Docs European musical origins are felt in a strong manner.”

Give CONFIDENCE a spin on Pilerats today before it drops everywhere next week!

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