Premiere: Feels tease a new EP with first vocal track, Moon Holiday feat. Zellow

Premiere: Feels tease a new EP with first vocal track, Moon Holiday feat. Zellow

Plus it's your last chance to help us get them on Falls Festival Fremantle!

We'll admit we've been pretty Feels-focused lately, whether it's frothing over their Lorde remix or spending some time in the green room, we have been all about the Perth-based production duo of Elise Reitze and Rosie Taylor. And besides the fact we just love their vibe in general, we've been working hard to try and get them a slot on the Falls Fremantle lineup as our Foster Band, which requires you humble punters to get out there and sling 'em a vote to join the likes of Flume, Angus & Julia Stone and Fleet Foxes. Voting closes at the end of this month, so we're stoked to premiere this wonderful new single from the duo, and give you one last chance to chuck 'em a vote before it does.

If you already love Feels as much as us you head to the Falls Foster Band Voting Page to cast your vote.

Moon Holiday is their latest single, and it's a nice switch-up from what we've come to expect from the normally very percussive two-piece, offering something a little more moody and introspective. It's also the first time Feels have employed a vocalist on one of their tracks, being joined by Zellow for something pretty special. Read up on some thoughts from both Zellow (Wilhelmina McRae) and Reitze below, and if you're digging the track it's off their upcoming EP Emerald, which you can pre-order from Bandcamp NOW.


Zellow: "I have never worked with female producers before and as soon as I heard the song I was so down. Feels have a style and sound that is unique and truly their own which I was immediately drawn to. Plus, they are such lovely humans beings even over email and Facebook - when I met Rosie at an Alice Ivy show in Melbourne and Elise later at BIGSOUND it felt like I'd know them for ages. I was inspired by the time I was fresh out of high school and experienced love for the first time (cliche I know). That feel of when deep down you know something's missing and you don’t feel the same way as they do about the relationship. Learning to be alone and asking - do they have me in their life only to fill up what might be missing?"

Elise: "Although it started as a 'dry' composition technique the more I wrote the more I focused on a theme of 'warmth' and 'comfort' and developed a more emotional attachment to the track. Moon Holiday completely changed when we sent it off to Zellow - Wil made it 100% what it always needed to be and her voice could not have been a more perfect fit. I think the composition being so simplistic made it really perfect for vocals and I love that Zellow's melody just slotted in like the missing piece of the puzzle. Wil sent us back a finished idea within a day and she was just so easy to work with. When you find someone you click with collaboratively, ideas just flow naturally and that is what this collaboration was like.

"The ending of this track is particularly special to me as I recorded the synth line completely improvised in one take without a metronome. I liked it so much the first time and wanted to make sure that raw first take made it in the completed track.

"Writing music to me is a form of escape. Even though music is my full time job, writing music 100% for myself is the best form of therapy and escape from the world around me. I think that Wil definitely understood the feel of the composition before there were even any lyrics to explain any concepts. Wil's lyrics and voice have this beautiful warmth that truly surrounds you as a listener - she transports you to another place. We love Wil's voice and authenticity. Even though we had never met during the completion of the track, we could hear her personality in her vocals and new we were all going to get along. We finally met Wil at Bigsound and she is a legend!"

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