Electric Feels: Our fave new electronic tunes this week

Electric Feels: Our fave new electronic tunes this week

Including a charmer from I OH YOU's newest signee and a summer-vibing tune from Polographia.

It’s Monday and life is tough – we get it. You’ve just poured your 4th cup of coffee, re-scrolled through your Facebook feed for the third time and you’ve no doubt had a mini-heart attack googling if you’re going to OD from the one too many Nurofens you’ve taken to combat that pounding post-bender come down. Whilst our weekly playlist of moody, chilled-out electronica might’ve felt more comfortable - providing some solid tunes to wallow in your own self-pity to - we decided a change of pace might be better off. By taking some of these gloomy, down-tempo jams and injecting them with a couple of upbeat bangers, we hope to you up and back on your feet in no time, but still allowing time to grieve over the weekend just gone.

Jack River - Talk Like That

There seems to be a general rule within the Australian music world that if someone's under the I OH YOU! roster, they're bloody good. From the soft tones of Montgomery and Snakadaktal (RIP) to the heavy-hitters Violent Soho and DZ Deathrays, it seems that every signee thus far has stuck to this rule, including Jack River - the team's latest signing. Accompanying her signing announcement comes Talk Like That, a new single that blends indie-rock elements with electro-pop and psychedelic undertones to create something quite special. Her light vocals sail over a crisp, percussion-driven instrumental, produced by River herself alongside Holly Rankin and Xavier Dunn. It's also the first single from her forthcoming EP scheduled for release later on in the year, and if Talk Like That is anything to go by, it's gonna be an absolute ripper.

Harrison Brome - Sex Calls

After last year's perfectly elegant Pools and Fill Your Brains, young Canadian singer-songwriter Harrison Brome has finally returned to make his mark on 2016 with Sex Calls, a new single. Arriving as a part of his Fill Your Brains EP (stream the full thing HERE), Sex Calls takes all the things we loved from his previous work and injects it full of more goodness, showcasing that charming falsetto we loved in Fill Your Brains. It floats over a fragile, airy production, which gives the track a really heavy, haunting feel to it, despite Broome's light vocal touch. Much like Fill Your Brains and PoolsSex Calls is another absolutely beautiful number from the newcomer, who is making his mark within the electronic world extremely quickly.

Litche - Look Up

Better known as half of the intercontinental duo Haliaa, Australian producer Litche has arrived with his new, solo project and with it, Look Up - a brand, spankin' new single. Look Up is upbeat yet eerie and moody, with a dark, brooding production that oozes under enough bright vocal cuts, which adds a touch of grace to an otherwise dark and heavy release. From the opening bar, Litche's use of that haunting, vocal-based melody places us in a morose, raining winters day, with little trickles of sunlight in the form of tropical-esque production and light vocal work spread throughout. With sounds reminiscent to Seekae but in his own, signature way, Litche is definitely someone who I would recommend keeping a close eye on for the remainder of 2016.

Abraham Tilbury - Morphine

Morphine is actually the first 'related track' to play after Litche's single above, but boy, I'm bloody stoked I found it. Much like many of the songs above, Morphine has a dark, mellow sound, something that echoes within the song's lyric work too ("You can't tell a thing, you're laying down slowly // You want the world to turn around, distinct and slowly die"). That being said, the track has an unbelievable beauty that shines through the darkness. Whether it be Tilbury's vocal sound that just screams Justin Vernon (of Bon Iver fame), or the single's piano-laden instrumental that is as delicate as your grandmother's dusty fine china cabinet, Morphine has a certain quality that I can't quite put my finger on, but whatever it is, it edges out the rest of the competition and makes Morphine one of my favourite tracks of the year thus far.

Michael Blume - Colours (AObeats Remix)

Last year was an absolutely stellar year for electronic music (much like this year), but amongst the hazy mess of thousands of releases every week came Helix 2.0, a striking collaboration between AObeats, Manila Killa and Robokid (listen HERE). Since then, Manila Killa has dropped two mammoth originals (and is currently on the tail end of an Australian tour) and Robokid delivered the delectable 23, but the single's third wise man, AObeats, has been largely quiet, only releasing a couple of remixes thus far. That being said, the producer is gearing up to see the remainder of 2016 a big one, first up delivering a new remix for Michael Blume's R&B-infused single Colours. AObeats' remix of Colours is bright and vivid, with Blume's crooning R&B sound still present through the original's vocals. However unlike the original, AObeats' re-do has an effortlessly cool, bass-orientated breakdown, which combines vocal chops and screws with frenzied snare rolls and deep bass melodies. It has a certain energy that was lacking in the original, but isn't too overwhelming and 'in your face', something that definitely works int he Moving Castle kingpin's favour for this remix.

Polographia - Sly feat. Winston Surfshirt

Whilst not having the commercial reach as acts such as RÜFÜS and What So Not, Polographia have earned a name for themselves as one of Sweat It Out's most consistent signees, releasing countless quality originals and remixes over the past four years. Sly is their latest tune, which sports an upbeat, summer-vibing sound that blends tropical qualities with Polographia's signature, house-infused groove and bubbly vocals from Winston Surfshirt. With all the gloominess of Australia's weather situation right now, Sly is a shining beacon of sunlight that is instantly making days brighter with just a click of the play button.

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