Jack River's fave road trip movies ahead of her new EP, Highway Songs No. 2

Jack River's fave road trip movies ahead of her new EP, Highway Songs No. 2

Five of the best for the wide open road, along with new single, Palo Alto.

Today saw the release of Palo Alto, the brilliant new single from Forster-based singer/songwriter Holly Rankin, aka Jack River. It's the first cut from the recent I OH YOU signee's forthcoming debut EP, Highway Songs No.2, which comes out next Friday - and it's a sunny, singa-long inducing ripper. To celebrate the release of Highway Songs No.2 next Friday, we asked Jack River to talk us through some of her favourite films about hitting the highway.

Into The Wild

My associated text for every English assignment ever. Even though old mate doesn’t drive a car the whole time, it’s pretty much a road trip movie. I love how this movie is simple but so complicated - it tears at all the ironies of modern life but lets you know that love is the most real thing, and never to lose it. I still wanna do this one time soon (get really lost). #year10english #belonging #meaning


Can this be classed as a road trip movie, too? A gem of the mid 2000’s, it should be shown in schools for its ridiculously hilarious but slightly disturbing uncovering of the west’s preconceived notions of a bro from the Middle East. Infinity love for this piece of gold.  

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas

This was my favourite book in high school - how the language bends and twists and makes its own pathways through the pages fascinated me. The movie is whack AF but essential late night viewing - it’s definitely one way to have a road trip. My best friend Ash and I took an RV round America last year, we found Barstow and got out of the vehicle to say a little thank you to Hunter for this masterpiece. Our experiences in Vegas weren’t as colourful as Raoul Duke and Dr. Gonzo’s, but there’s always next time.

Almost Famous

The movie of all movies. How could any road trip movie list not include Almost Famous? Penny Lane’s hopeless romanticism coupled with her innate awareness of it all is a pretty beautiful thing. There is so much unattainable love in this movie, and the feeling of Penny constantly trying to move on - so gnarly. After seeing this movie at age 15 or so, I got straight onto hotmail and started emailing band managers to ask if I could come and review their bands show in exchange for a ticket haha. 

The Spongebob Squarepants Movie

There were never two better friends on cooler adventures than Spongebob and Patrick. Their road trip is underwater and involves the crabby patty van. A very epic, must-watch movie full of lols and real friendship. <3

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