Premiere: Reside make a 2020 return with new single, Fallen

Premiere: Reside make a 2020 return with new single, Fallen

After the glowing success of last year's The Light That You Saw EP, the Melbourne emo-punks are back with something new.

Over the last three years, Reside has erupted to become something special. Back in 2017, the Melbourne-based group emerged as a fresh-faced addition to the city's emo-rock-punk world with their debut EP Closing Doors, which closed off the year with an introduction to the band and their multi-faceted sound which explores every nook and cranny of these sub-genres, as well as how they work with one another amongst tones of alt-rock and pop too. They quickly blossomed into something special - a UNIFY Gathering performance says hello - and from there, the group have really been on a roll.

In 2019, they launched back into things with the release of their second EP The Light That You Saw, which really took things to the next level. It was an evolution of their past work more than it was an extension, capturing their distinctive and close-to-their-heart DIY energy through their always shifting sound, which this time around, came some of 2019's best heavy-ish rock music (the continuous mix between the slow-burning Brevity and it's follow-up on the EP, Solus, remains a personal soft spot and something I haven't seen too much of in the alt world).

Now, after the glowing success of the EP and a drive to keep moving forward, the group are back with their first single for 2020. Fallen - premiering on Pilerats today ahead of its greater release tomorrow, September 4th - really picks up where the EP left off, continuing to emphasise this grand and somewhat cinematic take on emo-rock that's become really unique to Reside following the release of their last EP, brought to life thanks to their ever-growing influences in new-wave and post-punk, as they explain:

"The song was written very shortly after the release of The Light That You Saw and picks up right where that EP left off, exploring themes of unrequited love and the breakdown of a relationship," explains band frontman Liam Guinane. "Fallen serves as a bit of a transition for the band’s sound and direction, taking more influence and elements from post-punk and new wave but still retains the core alternative rock and emo sound that we've established before."

And that, it does. While it most definitely fits in the universe of The Light That You Saw, there are smatterings of the group's evolution laden throughout, signalling a gradual shift in sound that the group have been building towards for a while now. 

The single arrives with an official video clip produced by the band's Ariel Johnson alongside Liam Davidson of Lord Media, and as the group explain, it's a video clip that they hope emphasis the themes of the single's emotion-rich lyricism: "For Fallen we wanted to use more expressive visuals rather than focus on a narrative. We shot footage in a way that kept a high degree of flexibility in mind for the editing stage," says Ariel on the video. "During post-production, I relied heavily on visual effects and compositing to produce effects similar to double exposures and analogue feedback. This helped communicate themes of isolation and identity struggles that Liam wrote into the lyrics of the song."

There's no doubt plenty more to come, but in the meantime, Fallen is sure to be a release that ties us over, and it's one hell of a good one at that. Take a leap into the single and its official video clip below:

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