Track By Track: Eliza & The Delusionals take us through their debut EP, The Deeper End

Track By Track: Eliza & The Delusionals take us through their debut EP, The Deeper End

Their current tour wraps up this weekend.

One of the finds of the second half of 2017, indie-rock four-piece Eliza & The Delusionals have rounded out the year in top fashion with a killer new video clip, a fantastic debut EP, and a bunch of east coast shows to boot. The Deeper End is an awesome five-track EP, showcasing a handy knack for storytelling across a series of coming of age tales, with the group also embracing their 90s influences with aplomb. By all reports the group also put on one killer live show, and if you're in Melbourne tonight or Sydney on the weekend, you can catch 'em live. Check the dates down the bottom, after you get a little insight into the EP's creative process from Eliza herself, below:

1. Salt

Salt was influenced by people around me changing and switching personalities depending on who they’re around. I like to think of Salt as a pivotal moment in defining our sound. When I started writing this track, the new Catfish & The Bottlemen record had just come out and I was super inspired by some of the guitar tones. I wanted bring this inspiration into Salt with some of fuzzy guitar hooks to mirror the lyrical tone of the song.

2. 19

19 was one of the first tracks I had written for the EP. I was 19 at the time and I was searching for inspiration. A lot of the lyrics make reference to the feeling of repetition, making the same decisions, going to the same places and not feeling inspired by any of it because it’s all so familiar.

3. Falling Out

Falling Out was inspired by the idea of seeing through a false personality. As a lot of things were changing and in my life growing up, I could see that many people around me would try and be someone they’re not to impress others. I wrote this track shortly after Salt was written, and I knew that I wanted to write another fuzzy riff that would punch through, and continue on that 90s throwback sound that we love.

4. Deep End

Deep End was written about the idea of one person putting more into a relationship then the other. Not necessarily romantic relationships, but the idea of someone literally putting their life on hold to love someone. This was a message that hit me hard and I really wanted to bring life to this idea with the darker melodic ideas. I would say that this is the heaviest and darkest track from the EP.

5. Cigarette

Cigarette was inspired by the over-arching idea of growing up and changing. It’s about realising that things change and people grow, and I think that a cigarette is an interesting symbol for these ideas. I find the song feels reminiscent of the things that you use to do with someone and how it won’t really be the same again because you’re older now and life moves forward.

Deep End Video Cip

Working at NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Art) was a great opportunity and experience for us, with most of our previous video works being self-created witha DIY ethic. The director, designer and team we were paired with for the Deep End music video were all fantastic to work with and they completely understood our genre and aesthetic. This made the whole experience and shoot run a lot smoother, and we were able to come up with a bunch of really cool ideas together.


Thu 9 Nov - The Penny Black, Melbourne

Sun 12 Nov - Brighton Up Bar, Sydney

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