Exclusive: Stream Wet Lips' arse-kicking, self-titled debut LP

Exclusive: Stream Wet Lips' arse-kicking, self-titled debut LP

The Melbourne group's new record is officially out this Friday June 30 on Hysterical Records.

Since forming in 2012, Melbourne's Wet Lips have been leading the charge of the country's feminist punk movement. Whether its at rawkus shows, their annual WetFest Festival, or through their searing sounds and pull-no-punches lyrics, Wet Lips' brand of garagey punk-rock is untouchable. Led by guitarist Grace Kindellan and bassist Jenny McKechnie, and recorded with recently departed drummer Mohini Hillyer of HABITS, Wet Lips is a forceful and irresistible call to arms for those on the margins of society to rise up and take no prisoners doing so. Take for instance, tracks like lead single Can't Take It Any More, with its brutal but fair take down of hipster posers: "Do you think that you're original, do you think you're an individual, you're just another guy in a Bad Seeds t-shirt/Yeah you drink Melbourne bitter. Yeah you wear your wife beat. Your jeans are ripped yeah you look working class." Or tracks like Period, Money, and skeezy slow jam See You Later, all coming in under two minutes, but all amounting to pure punk-rock anthems.

It was only last week we touched on how little it feels like punk rock in 2017, for a lot of bands, means just fast and thrashy songs about nothing at all. There is of course that element to any genre of music, but what made punk rock punk was that it stood for something. And Wet Lips is the perfect amalgamation of fast and powerful punk-rock that also serves as an agent for societal change, and it doesn't just bash you over the head with it. Like the best punk-rockers of years gone by, Wet Lips are here to challenge your way of thinking, and best get on board for the right lest you be left behind.

It is for this reason, we are so pumped to let you stream it before its official release this Friday 30 June on Hysterical Records. Not only because it is a killer debut LP, but also for its sentimental value. With Girl Crazy's Georgia Maggie taking over on the skins from Hillyer, Wet Lips puts a perfect bookmark on this chapter of the group's life - a commemoration of Hillyer's past five years, along with an exciting first look at what's to come. They're launching it at a bunch of different venues over July and August, check the full run down the bottom:


Fri 30 Jun - Crowbar, Brisbane

Sat 22 Jul - Gasometer, Melbourne

Thu 27 Jul - Urge Records, Wollongong

Fri 28 Jul - Waywards, Sydney

Sat 29 Jul - The Phoenix, Canberra

Fri 4 August - The Brisbane, Hobart

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