Premiere: Darvid Thor - 'Changing Shape'

Premiere: Darvid Thor - 'Changing Shape'

Naarm/Melbourne-based singer-songwriter fuses downtempo indie pop and shoegaze on charming new single alongside quaint music video - take a first watch and listen

Image credit: Bridgette Winten

For over 15 years, Darvid Thor has been a staple of the Naarm independent music scene, coming to prominence with soulful alternative r&b group The Cactus Channel and their subsequent cinematic sounding spin off, Karate Boogaloo. He also crafts some awesome, atmospheric and engrossing sounds under his own name, as heard on new single Changing Shape, which alongside its music video is premiering on Pilerats a day ahead of release.

A reflective and contemplative cut, Changing Shape sees Darvid explore “the malleability of memories and our unmoored identities as a result”, an all too relatable and uniquely human experience of our brains playing tricks on themselves, leading to unnecessary self-doubt and internal sabotage. A mellow and melodic cut, Changing Shape sees Thor teaming up with some of his longtime friends, collaborators and labelmates on his Beloved Recordings imprint, with Lewis Coleman on bass and Hudson Whitlock (The Cactus Channel, Karate Boogaloo, Surprise Chef) on drums, resulting in a groove laden rhythm section. Not to be outdone, Darvid’s skills as a songwriter and guitarist shine through, showcasing a number of styles and approaches to playing, from relaxed acoustic strums to blistering electric sounds.

This collaborative vibe carried over to the music video which was co-directed by Darvid and Coleman. A lofi, DIY affair, the clip combines footage of Darvid jamming guitar and synths in some seaside locales, interspersed with some captivating b-roll and using some classic VHS-style effects and editing.

Check out Changing Shape a day ahead of release:

Darvid Thor's new single Changing Shape is out April 11 via Beloved Recordings

Darvid Thor Changing Shape Art

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