Exclusive: Stream Wooly Mammoth's impeccably smooth debut EP, Fell, Took Flight

Exclusive: Stream Wooly Mammoth's impeccably smooth debut EP, Fell, Took Flight

They're launching it this Friday 16 February at The Rosemount Hotel.

After first crushing hard on Wooly Mammoth back in 2016 with THIS delightful cover of The Temper Trap, we premiered their single Catcher In The Rye about a year ago - so we're delighted to come first circle with this exclusive stream of their debut EP, Fell, Took Flight. And it's an exceptional six-tracker of soothing, soulful indie-rock sounds that just sounds fantastic. Perhaps we can put some of that down to it being recorded in the much-adored Wave House studio in Yallingup, but mostly we'll just put it down to Wooly Mammoth being a very talented bunch of roosters. Take a listen and get to know 'em a little better down below, and catch 'em this FRIDAY at The Rosemount Hotel launching the EP.

Howdy dudes, even though we’ve mentioned you on the site before, for the first timers out there tell us a bit about yourselves:

Jon: We’re Wooly Mammoth - we’ve been kicking around for a year and a bit now, and in that time we’ve released four singles and played shows with the likes of Holy Holy, Andy Bull and Jordan Rakei. We’re four pretty close mates who love our music and have a pretty wicked time making it together.

What kinda music we talkin’?

Josh: For lack of a better term I think indie-rock is one that gets said, but lately the word anthemic has been getting tossed around between us and and Jelly, who is the very talented man that’s mixing this whole EP. And I think that’s a pretty cool way of summing up a big part of our sound.

Jon: We find ‘dream rock’ is a pretty good sum-up too. Dynamic and bold is kinda what we search for.

How does the songwriting/creation process work?

Josh: The song writing/creation process usually starts with Jon (vocalist) roughly laying out some chords and a melody. And then we just spend some time pushing the song instrumentally in a way that we think is suited.

Can you tell us a bit about the EP we’re premiering today?

Jon: The EP was recorded in full down at a place called Wave House in Yalingup. It’s this beautiful big house just perched up on the hills looking down on the beach. I think the sound on the EP was largely influenced by the fact that we were writing and arranging a lot of the tunes while just being in that environment. We spent four days down there just recording all the parts with our good friend Jack Seah.

And shows coming up? What’s the rest of the year have in store?

As far as shows, we are gonna be launching this EP on the 16th of February at the Rosemount Hotel with support from Kat Wilson Trio and Spacey Jane. After that it’ll just be getting geared up to tour around April/May.

Where can we hear more of your music?

You can check out all of our stuff pretty much anywhere on the internet - Itunes, Spotify, Bandcamp and all that good stuff.

Follow Wooly Mammoth: FACEBOOK / WEBSITE

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