Track By Track: Hideous Sun Demon dive into their epic third LP, FAME, EROTIC, DREAM

Track By Track: Hideous Sun Demon dive into their epic third LP, FAME, EROTIC, DREAM

It drops this Friday ahead of a huge Australian tour, but you can have a sneaky listen now.

Hideous Sun Demon have always been the hottest of hot messes, with an uncanny knack for somehow encapsulating pure chaotic rock'n'roll energy within each and every release that is almost without peer in Australian music. It's raw, un-hinged aggression funnelled through a cacophony of well-organised guitar, bass and drums, which combined with frontman Vincent Buchanan-Simpson’s fierce vocal delivery make for a blistering DIY psych-punk overload.

They've refined that hot mess aesthetic down to perfection on new album FAME, EROTIC, DREAM, their third and a sign of a band sitting very comfortably in their own skin: "Fame, Erotic, Dream is our attempt at creating a sonically richer record whilst maintaining our DIY garage energy. We've gotten a lot closer to what we want to sound like on this record." And after a few listens we couldn't agree more.

It drops officially this Friday via Hell Beach Records, but you can have a sneaky listen below along with a typically short and sharp summary of some of the track's themes. Check it out, pre-order the album on vinyl HERE, and catch 'em live soon on a massive upcoming Australian tour - all dates listed down the bottom.


Sometimes, certain kinds of people do malevolent or selfish things under the guise of good intention. This is not a healthy way to interact or gain influence over others, yet it is done because some people have poor moral compasses.


You aren’t getting breakfast unless you get up and poach those googies. You gotta work for it, kid.


Everyone has got a song about anxiety, and here is one that we wrote. It’s about retreating away from people and watching yourself become insular. But musically, the track is quite uplifting. This is called juxtaposition and a teacher once told me it is an artsy thing to do.


You know that “why don’t we have both?” ad? It implies that the fabric of Mexican society is built upon the choice between hard and soft tacos. That’s silly. But seriously, arguments leading to productive discussion is hard if people always take a binary approach. “More colour” i.e. less black and white mentalities. Verrrrry clever.


Gross sleazy fuckboys are sleazy and gross and everybody knows this. It’s not aimed at any individual in particular, just the kinda people who exude that behaviour. I amalgamated them into one character, and said that his mum pays his rent for him. What a loser!


Some people we were in business with fucked us around and then made us sign a contract saying we wouldn’t diss them publicly. Then we wrote this fun little track. Uh oh spaghettio.


A song about nostalgia. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to the world seeming meaner the older you get. It’s natural for people to reminice on simpler times. I was thinking about the way Jonathan Richman’s view of the world comes through in his songwriting when I wrote this.


Another song about drowning in the world. I seem to write a fair few of these. I guess growing up in Perth and coming from a relatively privileged background gave me a pretty sheltered childhood. Then you grow to realise how chaotic and harrowing things can be. I probably could have thought of something more eloquent than “crap revelations” but there you go.


What do YOU think this song is about? Send your interpretation to and you will go into the draw to win a limited edition Hideous Sun Demon Junior Science Kit! You’ll be the talk of the party when you whip out your Jake Suriano themed Bunsen Burner.


I say “Who wants to be eleven, I strive to be Armageddon”. People have assumed I’m making a Stranger Things reference but actually I’m referencing how the Spinal Tap amps go to 11. It's about reaching your goals and maximising your potential.


Some people seem to exist to climb social ladders. I really can’t stand people who are insincere. I thought it was something that people grew out of when they left high school but apparently not. Ah well. But most people are pretty nice I guess.


Thu 2 Aug - Ed Castle, Adelaide
Fri 3 Aug - The Curtin, Melbourne
Sat 4 Aug - Barwon Club, Geelong
Thu 9 Aug - The Basement, Canberra
Fri 10 Aug - Rad Bar, Wollongong
Sat 11 Aug - The Chippo, Sydney
Wed 15 Aug - SOSUEME @ Beach Road Hotel, Bondi
Fri 17 Aug - Miami Shark Bar, Gold Coast
Sat 18 Aug - The Bearded Lady, Brisbane
Thu 23 Aug - Greenwood Bar, Launceston
Fri 24 Aug - The Brisbane Hotel, Hobart
Sat 25 Aug - The Eastern, Ballarat
Fri 28 Sep - Settlers Tavern, Margaret River
Sat 29 Sep - Mojos, Fremantle

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