Premiere: Meet THE RIOT, who go on a frantic trip in the video for Same Blunt

Premiere: Meet THE RIOT, who go on a frantic trip in the video for Same Blunt

There's no band quite like THE RIOT, and their new video clip proves that's because they push the limits like no-one else.

It's difficult to find a group quite like THE RIOT, and that's because there's no-one else like them. Since their emergence with Dog In The Shade earlier in the year, the three-piece - consisting of Tyler (guitars, vocals), Scotty (drums) and JD (lead vocals) - have consistently moved forward as one of music's most chaotic and experimental names, edging forward with an adventurous embrace of the unexpected that makes their next moves so hard to pin down, even when you feel like you've got it all figured it out.

Take their second single Same Blunt, for example. Arriving back in October's first-half, the song throws their punk backbone into three-minutes of whiplash-causing chaos; frantic with rushing experimentalism that doesn't even give you the chance to breathe, let alone have a moment of quietness before diving back in. It's a rush of adrenaline unlike anything else, thinking outside of the box not just in terms of sound, but in their thinking too - the trio wanting to emphasise individualism, and encourage everyone to take their own paths.

Same Blunt is an example of what happens when you do in fact take a path never travelled before, beginning with a pacing guitar melody that forms somewhat of a backbone for the rest of the single to move around, which is very much resultant of how the single was initially built. "It all started with that guitar riff you hear at the beginning of the song, then everyone threw in their own spice," says JD, and the end result is exactly that, incorporating flashes of what makes every member of THE RIOT distinct to themselves, and the band distinct to anyone else out there.

Today, we're premiering the official video clip for the single, which really marries the frenzy of the single's pace with matching visuals that take you on a psychedelic trip, fuelled by substances that take you on a journey through to the unknown. As director Nick Waterman explains, the music video emphasises not just the chaos of the song, but also of THE RIOT as a whole, and what you can expect from them in a performative setting once things are back on track.

"The trippy visuals really bring this feeling to life in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way," he says on the video clip, which premieres on Pilerats today ahead of its greater release soon. "At the centre of this beautiful chaos are The Riot who are giving an epic and unhinged performance."

It's a flash of fury and energy that's very much representative of THE RIOT at their peak, and you can take a dive into it below, alongside a quick introduction to the group behind the chaos:

Tell us about yourself?

We are all just 3 enlarged semens swimming our way through the waves of life.

What’s the vibe of the music?

Carny punk

What’s the writing/ production process like?

Letting go of everything we know to allow the subconscious brain to take us where it feels like we need to go

Can you tell us a bit about the song and the video clip?

We wanted the clip to feel like you’re on a chaotic trip

What does the rest of 2020 have in store for you?

Hopefully moshing without the potential of getting some sort of virus.

What do you want people to take away from this project?

Whatever you want. We start the canvas for you to turn it into whatever you want. Come along with us for the ride. Strength in numbers.


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