Premiere: Perth rockers Those Who Dream unleash a new single, Tension Headache

Premiere: Perth rockers Those Who Dream unleash a new single, Tension Headache

The self-made Perth duo excel on their catchiest and liveliest song to date, which also comes with a completely self-produced video clip.

There's an incredible amount of excitement within the next generation of Perth's heavier music world, even if they may not get the same commercial attention as their counterparts in the more pop-centric musical lanes. Nevertheless, some of West Australia's most exciting and energising musicians are being a rallied behind by a growing and loving audience that ensures that their imprint on the musical world is not forgotten, making it near-impossible to ignore.

Perth emo/rock/punk/pop/genre multi-hyphenates Those Who Dream are a duo - one we introduced you to just the other week, not knowing that new music was on the near-horizon - amongst that collection of West Australian 'heavier' acts that are quickly finding themselves amongst the state's most exciting and brilliant new acts. They're not exactly new (their debut EP, Life In Cyan, came out back in 2017), but they've really blossomed into a welcomed force over the last twelve months, mainly thanks to their work amongst the emo/alt niches of TikTok - where the brothers have found themselves a dedicated audience throughout 2020.

Already, we're starting to see some of that work show off. Their single Monster - dropped in the depths of lockdown last year - was an exciting burst of energy that quickly grew into one of their most successful singles to date, while an online live show saw them cover acts like Twenty One Pilots amongst songs of their own, bringing nods to their craft while also providing their own spins onto the music and people that influence and inspire their every step (something you're likely to already know, if you're one of the group's many TikTok followers).

Now, they're going full-charge in 2021, and it's so damn exciting to watch. It kicks off today, with the premiere of their new single Tension Headache ahead of its full release tomorrow, February 2nd. It's Those Who Dream's most liveliest and energetic song to date, carrying that real cathartic and anthemic energy that's defined by acts like My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy, albeit done in their own completely unique way. There's something really exciting and brilliant about it, completely solidifying all the hype that's surrounding their past movements.

"It’s hard to trust your own thoughts when you’re depressed," the duo say on the single. "The same brain capable of thinking rationally and wanting to get better, is also capable of extreme self-sabotage. Trying to balance this constant tug-of-war can leave you exhausted, confused and even rationalising the bad thoughts. The soundscape is very much a representation of the lyrics; chaotic, uncertain and torn between light and dark."

It also arrives with an official video clip that captures their DIY spirit, being completely produced, directed and edited by the duo - proof of their multi-faceted creative excellence. The video basically arrives around this cult-like eye, which brings the return of this floating all-seeing eye - dubbed 'Jimothy' by their fans - that initially made a feature in the video clip for Violet a couple of years ago. It's part-horror and part-thriller, but all-in-all a real brilliant moment that ties everything they've been working towards for the last twelve months together - and it's so exciting to see.

There's also a pair of launch shows coming up too, with the duo playing two shows in Perth this month (Badlands on February 12th, and Vision Studios on February 27th to be exact - more information and tickets here). In the meantime, you can take a dive into Tension Headache below as it premieres on Pilerats today, and you can pre-save the track here.

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