Premiere: Perth emo-rockers-to-watch Those Who Dream share a new single, Bubblegum

Premiere: Perth emo-rockers-to-watch Those Who Dream share a new single, Bubblegum

The Perth-based brothers are quickly becoming one of 2021's most exciting acts, and there's plenty more to come.

When it comes to the exciting next generation of musicians over here in Western Australia, Those Who Dream are amongst the smartest. The duo - composed of brothers Josh and Cooper Meyer - have carved themselves a cult-like audience over the last 12 months or so, tapping into the wide-net audience of social media's alt and emo worlds - think My Chemical Romance adoration with a side of 2000s pop culture - to find fans and introduce them to the band, with this literally cult-y feel to the band bringing you in and making you feel like you're a part of everything going on.

In turn, the band are one of the few Australian acts to harness the brilliance of apps like TikTok to fuel their success, and while naysayers would be quick to dismiss 'viral' acts as more of a fad-like phenomenon, Those Who Dream are a band proving that you can do it authentically. The results are starting to show as well; the band playing headline shows across Perth within the last six months, with demand increasing for the presence across the country too, as they solidify their niche with punchy and cutting-edge music that ties it all together.

Take Tension Headache earlier in the year, for example. It was their liveliest and catchiest single to date, tapping into the cathartic and anthemic energy of pioneers like Fall Out Boy but presenting it in a slightly different way, adding an Australian touch and an added layer of intimacy to the punk-y, emo-inspired sound. Then, there was the single's self-directed video clip, which once again hammered in the family-like atmosphere surrounding Those Who Dream as fans play the part of cult worshippers - it's a fun, completely self-made time:

Today, we're stoked to welcome another taste in the Those Who Dream storybook in the form of its next chapter, Bubblegum. Premiering on Pilerats today ahead of its official release tomorrow (July 21st), Bubblegum is another excitable burst of energy from Those Who Dream, who once again solidify their presence amongst the upper echelon of Perth's growing next generation, and how it's perceived both interstate and internationally as their audience continues to grow and grow.

Self-written and self-produced, Bubblegum shows how Those Who Dream can make magic from their craft, digging into the angsty edge of pop-punk and mid-2000s pop culture to reinforce their sound - something they show amongst more therapeutic lyricism, and more ear-worming melodies that nestle themselves within your brain and don't leave for days. "We grew up on artists like Good Charlotte and Avril Lavigne who did a great job of turning their angsty, ‘f*** the world’ thoughts into pop-punk bangers; so I think we naturally leaned in to that vibe whilst tapping into our love of experimental and futuristic production," says Cooper on the single.

"We wrote BUBBLEGUM about a 'last straw' moment in a dumpster-fire of a relationship, where you have no choice but to cut someone toxic out of your life," continues Josh on the single's themes. "It’s a raw, unfiltered response to finally escaping an environment of constant anxiety and paranoia. There’s a certain clarity amongst the burning rage you feel, where you just go, ‘Finally this stupid-ass emotional rollercoaster is over. Goodbye! See you never!'."

The single premieres alongside yet another DIY video from the group; self-filmed, edited and directed in a further testament to their self-built creative prowess. "We tried to make the video look the way it feels to lose your grip on reality; going from anxiety and claustrophobia to unbridled chaos," says Cooper. "It’s set in a solitary confinement room, where the subjective POV makes it hard to distinguish what’s real and what’s not."

It's one hell of a time that proves that Those Who Dream are one of the funnest bands to be a fan of, so sign up for the cult and take a dive into Bubblegum as it premieres on Pilerats below (and make sure you pre-save the single here).

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