Premiere: Perth's Finn Pearson Band open a new chapter with new single, No Apologies

Premiere: Perth's Finn Pearson Band open a new chapter with new single, No Apologies

The new single from the folk-rock outfit arrives ahead of a string of tour dates, scheduled for the end of this month.

Anyone clued into the highlights of Perth's folk world would've likely come across Finn Pearson Band already. The outfit - led by, you guessed it, Finn Pearson - have become one of the state's most exciting new additions in the two years or so, drawing upon rich lyricism and smart musicianship to create potent bursts of folk, alt-country and indie that capture the skills of some of West Australia's most brilliant musicians, with careers spread throughout bands and touring line-ups (including that of their frontman Finn Pearson, who prior to launching his own venture, played alongside acts like Siobhan Cotchin). 

The band have shown this through both their recorded and touring ventures in the last few years, with a string of singles - including a handful last year, such as September's Keep The Light Alive - arriving with support slots for Timothy Nelson and Siobhan Cotchin littering their calendar year, all amongst headline shows of their own. It's something continuing this year as well, as morsels of new music arrive as the band keep their presence on West Australia's touring circuit, with shows scheduled for the end of this month, for example.

In the meantime, however, we're proud to welcome a new taste of the Finn Pearson Band, and it's a single that seems to open a new chapter for the band and their sonic story, as they venture outside of their usual sounds and showcase growth and evolution as they go. It comes in the form of No Apologies, premiering on Pilerats today ahead of its official release on July 22nd; that date preluding shows in Perth and West Australia's south in the week or two following it.

No Apologies is a riveting time for the group, capturing their folk-esque heart in a bit of a different light this time around, as they mould the richness of their sound together with a more energised and rockier step that beefs up their presence and creates something really quite invigorating for the group. The end result shows a new side to Finn Pearson and co. brilliantly, not moving too far away from the potency of their usual sound, but instead just shading it with new textures and a heavier emphasis on greater sounds; evolving it into something more Springsteen-inspired through the process of doing so.

"I've really felt that No Apologies signifies the beginning of a new chapter for the Finn Pearson Band as we finally settle in to a rhythm of how we like to do things," Finn says on the single. "The tune is definitely more of an uplifting sound to our previous releases and I think that it's important to show people that we're fundamentally a group of friends and storytellers, rather than being a band tied to a particular vibe or sentiment. I think that our music is always going to be underwritten with the light and shade that accompanies that."

As mentioned, the new single arrives with shows throughout the latter end of the month, and you can find them all below, as you take a dive into No Apologies now:

Tour Dates: 

finn pearson band tour july 2021

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