Premiere: FLOSSY show off their live skills with the video for The Mess You Made

Premiere: FLOSSY show off their live skills with the video for The Mess You Made

The single - the Perth band's first for 2020 so far - showcases one of the most exciting new acts at their current-best.

Header image by Annie Harvey.

It's no secret that we've become somewhat infatuated with the next generation of Perth's music world, and a band at the forefront of that is FLOSSY, the pairing of sisters Sinead and Lauren O'Hara who over the last twelve months particularly, have consistently proved themselves amongst the upper echelon of the city's most exciting new names. It's not too hard to work out why either. The band have become a go-to favourite on the live stage and in recording alike, supporting interstate favourites amongst often sold-out shows of their own, while their discography - largely littered with singles, bar their self-titled debut EP back in 2018 - balances on a fine line between craftful indie, heavier rock tones, and hand-gripping pop that shines through their choruses.

Their last track The Mess You Made, however, was a step-up. After the runaway success of their 2019 single Being Alone ushered the band into the spotlight (a packed-out BIGSOUND appearance says hello), The Mess You Made sees the band take everything they've learnt and apply it into what's new and to come, resulting in a little more of a darker and emotionally-intense record from the band that surprise us with their skillset time and time again - despite their consistency. 

Singing on the "feeling like you’ve been left a shell of a human after a bad relationship," The Mess You Made opens with a bit of a grittier sound compared to their past work, "taking the richness of layered guitar work and anger-fuelled vocals that is highlighted amongst much of FLOSSY's discography" - as we said with its arrival earlier this year - but pushing it forwards into the spotlight, placing a heavier emphasis on the pacing guitar work and cut-throat vocals which often are charaded through somewhat lighter tones.

Today, we're premiering the single's official video clip, which if nothing else, gives the perfect opportunity to dive back into the track while the band show off the expertise of their live craft. Filmed with a simplistic white backdrop at Huzzard Studios (and by Gordonco Visuals), the video clip sees the band joined by their newcoming drummer Charlie Smith, who plays alongside Lauren and Sinead as they show off the live show they've become so locally recognised for, without the somewhat cliché crowd footage that often finds itself in videos like these.

"We recorded the music video at Huzzard Studios. It was great to be in such a huge, professional space," says Sinead on the clip. "We wanted to keep this one really simple and let the song do most of the talking. Cooper (Gordonco visuals) managed to capture the energy of our live show really well!"

There's no doubt plenty more to come in the year ahead, but in the meantime, take a dive into The Mess You Made's video clip below:

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