Nostalgic yet refreshing, get to know this singer-songwriter and fashion tastemaker a bit better as they bear all in their relatable and mesmersing new release.

Photo by Jesse Lizotte

LA-based singer, songwriter and fashion tastemaker THE BLSSM bears their soul in the release of the highly anticipated sophomore EP PURE ENERGY, a release that harvests those snippets of joy to create a relatable and customisable experience for listeners. Making their debut in 2020 with the release of KILL MY MIND, THE BLSSM unveiled their debut EP 97 BLOSSOM last year, since releasing a handful of singles including DIZZY and NOT TODAY which feature on the new 5-track collection. In addition to an impressive and prolific catalogue, the artist recently collaborated with independent fashion designer Jessica Kao to craft a custom outfit, a 90s nostalgic ensemble with a modern spin which featured in the music video for NOT TODAY

Leaning into that 90s nostalgia aesthetic, the EP is inspired by the likes of Radiohead, N.E.R.D and Elliott Smith creating a body of work that is both a cohesive amalgamation of genres yet undeniably unique and an anomaly all at once. With production from BLSSM’s dad, the legendary Mark Lizotte, and Suzy Shinn, as well as some co-writing with Nick Long, PURE ENERGY is true to its title and will not disappoint fans and soon to be fans alike. 

Out today, reflect on your own personal experiences and how they fit into the mesmersing work of BLSSM and their new release PURE ENERGY, whilst you get to know the rising star a bit better in our Q&A below. 

Tell us about yourself? (age, location, hobbies/passions, what you do outside of music etc?)

24, New York, cooking, making music, designing, kissing and riding the subway.

When and why did you start writing/recording/performing music?

I started when I was a kid….it gave me a sense of belonging and is the most fulfilling thing in my life. It’s my own kind of language and self-expression/creativity is my way of understanding the world.

What was it like growing up with a successful musician parent?

To be honest, he’s just my dad. It was just like having a best friend who’s also obsessed with music…. I just saw his dedication and experienced his passion and it inspired me.

Tell us about your creative process?

I write a lot starting with just guitar and vocals and then build out from there…

I also think of production as different layers that you carve out and build upon. Everything serving a purpose and intertwined with one another. 

I love writing a whole song based off of one line in a book and taking that concept or theme that maximizing it.

Tell us about your new EP Pure Energy (Title, inspiration, writing/recording process, any other interesting info)

 PURE ENERGY is a really special EP to me, it’s a collage of a time stamp of my life and it feels celebratory as much as it does cathartic. Every song on the EP is so different and has its own narrative and story. I named the EP “PURE ENERGY” because that was the sound direction for the project and also the most defined way to describe what it sounded like when people were asking. My favorite song from the EP is “I HATE SUNDAY.” Its sound palette is the one that feels most fulfilling to me as well as the concept and theme behind the writing. There are highs and lows throughout the EP that feel like waves of emotions growing and changing. It’s definitely a maximalist version of my personality.

How can fans best support your music?

Honestly just listen and let what I make become your own! Take my songs and feel however you want about them.

What's coming up for the rest of the year? (Music or otherwise)

I’m currently on tour with Role Model around America and working on another upcoming project.

What have you been listening to lately?


 rsz not today cover 3000x3000

THE BLSSM's new EP PURE ENERGY is out now via Fueled By Ramen/ Warner Music Australia. 


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