Introducing Central Coast crew Nelipot, and their new single Garden Hose Rainbows

Introducing Central Coast crew Nelipot, and their new single Garden Hose Rainbows

Drawing strong comparisons to the likes of LCD Soundsystem, the indie-rock three-piece are sure to stun.

An act being compared to indie-electro titans LCD Soundsystem with just a few songs under their belt is an act worth paying attention to. Enter right frame Central Coast trio Nelipot, who mash together an array of sounds and sub-genres to create a slick, but raw and edgy feel that's quite incomparable to the rest coming out of Australia at the moment. Over the last few years, the band have been busy solidifying this sound and exploring every facet and sub-sound it can take, with a consistent run of singles since their 2016 early days setting themselves up as an act to watch in 2019, something they're out to cement with Garden Hose Rainbows.

Garden Hose Rainbows is where these LCD Soundsystem comparisons feel particularly valid, taking notes from alt-rock and charging them up with dance-punk mannerisms for a song full of energy and flavour. There's a lot going on - at one point, the hook-y vocals of frontman Jordan Olyslagers are layered over bass rhythms, guitar melodies and soft keys - but they all seem to fall in place over one another perfectly, like a jigsaw being pieced together in the loudest and most ruckus-inducing of ways. "With a little abstraction, the song articulates the struggle between one’s contentment with themselves as ordinary, average, and mundane, against the ubiquitous longing to be special, to be spectacular, to ‘maximise potential’," Olyslagers explains on the single.

There's a lot more to come - including tour dates through the rest of May into June - but in the meantime, dive into Garden Hose Rainbows below, and better get to know the group while you're at it:

Tell us about yourself.

We’re Nelipot- Jordan, Jordyn, and Ben. Just three lads from the Central Coast, NSW doing our best to paint our experiences and the experiences of the people around us through our art. More or less, we’re just trying to illuminate what would otherwise be ordinary and mundane.

What’s the vibe music-wise?

We’d have to sit loosely around indie rock/alternative rock. We’ve got tracks that are a bit dancier, some that are a little more roots-leaning too, but the bulk of our songs are well within the indie rock spectrum. We’ve all been pretty heavily inspired by the music of the cool-Britannia movement as well as synth rock and indie from the 2000s era, so we feel like a lot of that comes through in our own stuff.

What are your production and writing processes like?

Usually, either myself (Jordyn) or Jordan come to the band with what we think is a fully formulated song and the wait for the rest of the boys to begin to dissect it and it all becomes quite a collaborative process. After that's all together we take the track to our producer (Jack Nigro, Grove Studios) and he begins to tear it apart from more (or at least question our ideas so that we’re really sure on the track). From here, its studio, followed by a bunch of back and forth about mixes and voilà, that’s how we work.

Can you tell us about your latest single, Garden Hose Rainbows?

The song came about following the end of a string of semi-unsuccessful pseudo-relationships I had over the past while and was feeling a tad blue and dispassionate (typical feelings of an angsty 20-year-old). You know, when like one down thing in your life (even if it is really quite minuscule) causes you to question the validity of everything else (yes, this was being quite over dramatic)?

Garden Hose Rainbows is essentially a song about the ordinary and average things in our personal lives and kind of observes how we (as people in general) either accept the mundane or reject it in hopes of something ‘greater’. It’s something we all feel, yeah? Like, it can be a little bit shit trying to accept the insignificance of our experiences in the grand scheme of things but it can also be really liberating, a proper big breath of fresh air when you submit yourself to the idea that happiness is not synonymous with ‘big’ achievements and it can be found in the most average and insignificant of circumstances.

Any Tour Dates Coming Up?

Most definitely. We’ve got Coogee coming up on May 31st, then 2 shows in Brisbane on June 7th & 8th, down to Melbourne for June 14th and back up to Sydney for June 20th.

What does 2019 have in store for you?

Hopefully a lot of bigger and better shows, a lot of new music, and getting to share truly wonderful experiences with plenty of old and new friends.

Where can we find more of your music?

It’s out everywhere, you can find us on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Soundcloud, Tidal...whatever you use to stream, we’re uploading to it.

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