Exclusive: Stream Spacey Jane's extremely good time new EP, No Way To Treat An Animal

Exclusive: Stream Spacey Jane's extremely good time new EP, No Way To Treat An Animal

The Perth four-piece cap off a great year with an excellent debut EP.

Perth four-piece Spacey Jane have had a pretty damn great 2017 as far as being in a band goes. Between playing Wave Rock Weekender and the upcoming Gizzfest on Sunday 26 November, they've also supported a heap of fantastic artists like British India, Alex Lahey and Abbe May, and to keep that ball rolling they're releasing their debut EP this Friday. No Way To Treat An Animal is, dare we say it, one of the year's best local EP releases - a six-track garage-pop odyssey that sounds crisp as hell, and a clear sign of a band who've been honing their craft through pure hard work and gigging. We're stoked to stream it for you a day in advance, and you can check it out below along with a little Q&A with the group ahead of their EP launch tomorrow at The Bird.

Tell us about about yourselves?

We’re four kids from across WA, living in Perth and struggling to think of anything better to do than making music together.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

Some light and jangly, some hard and heavy – garage-pop is probably our favourite recent descriptor. Individually, we have a pretty broad range of influences, but together we like writing guitar-driven pop rock songs. Sometimes on the gritty side.

Production/writing process:

For writing, Caleb usually comes to the rest of us with a riff or progression, along with a handful of lyrics. From there, we’ll play with it and create something out of the skeleton. In terms of production, we’ve had some serious help from our friends Calum and Nick. The bulk of recording, as well as mastering, was done over at Poon’s Head with Rob Grant.

Can you tell us about your new EP, No Way To Treat An Animal?

It’s mostly a reflection on experiences, from childhood through to young adulthood. Things like breakups or growing up in church, and how they shape identity. The songs became kind of anthems for the last year or two for us, they tell specific stories about other times, but they relate to moods and times we’ve had together.

The title comes from a Kurt Vonnegut autobiography, in a section where he talks a whole bunch about identity. He says “Life is no way to treat an animal. Not even a mouse”. It was funny, so we stole it.

Any shows coming up?

Yeah, glad you asked! We’ve got the EP Launch this Friday (17/11) at The Bird. Following that, we’re stoked to be playing Gizzfest next Sunday (26/11). Then in December we’re playing a charity gig at Randwick Stables, FLOSSY’s single launch and the NYE Fiesta at the Rosemount with Holy Holy and a lot of our good mates.

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

Aside from shows we have lined up, we’re looking forward to taking some time to unwind. We’re really excited to be working on new music, and who knows what else!

Where can we hear more of your music?

We’re on pretty much all streaming services. Soundcloud, Spotify, Bandcamp and Unearthed to name just a few. As of this Friday, we’ll be selling physical CDs too.

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