Premiere/Interview: Splashh get nostalgic in new video for Waiting A Lifetime

Premiere/Interview: Splashh get nostalgic in new video for Waiting A Lifetime

It's also the title track for their upcoming album release, due mid-April.

Australia/NZ born, now London-based band Splashh are back in a big way in 2017. It's been a few years since their breakout - and critically adored - debut LP, Comfort, and April 14 of this year will see its much-anticipated follow-up, Waiting A Lifetime. Following the recent release of the album's second single, and title track, we're very excited to bring them "home" to Aussie audiences with the premiere of its accompanying video clip. To mark its release, and find out how the group is travelling in 2017, we caught up with founding member Sasha Carlson (who formed the group in 2012 with Toto Vivian), so find out a little more about the return of Splashh in 2017 below, along with a very strong hint towards the group returning to Australia at some stage this year.

So we’re coming up to the release of album #2 – Waiting A Lifetime, can you tell us a bit about it?

Quite exciting for us really. It's been three-and-a-half years since we released our first album, Comfort, so we had a long time to grow in terms of songwriting and being together as a group. Waiting A Lifetime to me a is little more mature than the previous LP. There are some surprises. More instruments, experimenting etc. We recorded with Nicolas Vernhas at Rare Book Room (Deerhunter, Animal Collective, War On Drugs), so this is our first recording as a full band, where as Comfort was done just as Toto and I.

From teenagers in the suburbs of Australia to writing and recording music in London (via a few other places along the way), what prompted the intial move away from Australia?

I think when you grow up in a place like Australia you always you always look to places like London or New York as most of your favourite bands come from there. For us it just seemed like an obvious step forward.

And then over the past couple of years you’ve been split between London and New York – how did NY impact on the creative process?

We were over London and living there didn't seem to be doing it for me 'creatively'. New York just seemed so full on and exciting, writing new songs were flowing a little easier, so I think it dinitely had an impact. It's also where we met Jaie who now plays keyboards with us so that was cool to write and record demos with someone new and fresh.

It feels like the past few years have been pretty chaotic, what’s been happening over since Comfort came out, and do you guys feel like you’re in a pretty settled (as can be) place now?

It never feels settled anywhere with us, haha. But I think that's fine. The chaotic nature of it all suits our vibe.

We’re premiering the video clip for Waiting A Lifetime, and the old photos/nostalgic nature of it seem very much to suit the vibe of the track, has there been a bit of reflection within the main members of the group?

Yeah, the video is a montage of pictures that we have all taken from along the way. That song is homage to youth in a way and that feeling of not having any worries so to speak.

You guys are headed to SxSW this year right? Do you go into something like South By with a set of goals or things you’re trying to achieve, or is it just a chance to get back in front of some crowds who may not have seen you for a while?

Obviously smashing it. For sure getting in front of crowds again is really important to us and to people who haven't seen us play it's about gaining new fans and surprising the old ones.

After the album’s release we assume plenty of touring is on the cards, any chance of you heading home some time this year for some shows?

A lot of touring yeah. A big chance we'll be home to play. On the top of our list ;)

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