Premiere: End of Fashion share first music video in years for new single, BreakThru

Premiere: End of Fashion share first music video in years for new single, BreakThru

The track is the legendary Perth group's first in eight years, and welcomes a new beginning for a band that's seen it all.

One of 2020's most unexpected returns came courtesy of End of Fashion, who after releasing their latest record Holiday Trip Of A Lifetime eight years ago, seemingly hit pause on the project, with many of the band's members moving onto new projects (The Southern River Band, Jebadiah, The Sleepy Jackson). They've emerged here and there for performances, but otherwise things have been quiet for the legendary Perth outfit, until the release of their returning single BreakThru back in mid-August of this year.

Oh, and what a return that was. BreakThru is a stormy three-minutes-thirty of cathartic, anthemic rock that's long influenced the band's sound over the years, but now is being dived head-first into by the band themselves, at least on a more potent level than before. The end result, is something that brings a sense of nostalgia for 70s-era stadium rock albeit brought forward into current-day, shifting things up slightly as they commence a new generation for End of Fashion that hopes to show more of an evolution for the band, rather than an extension of what they've done before, per se.

It's anthemic and glory-grabbing, but for lead vocalist Justin Burford, the single also brings a reflective moment that explores feelings that doesn't just sit within Burford particularly, but a broader make-up of generations all feeling the same thing at the moment. "My songs tend to or try to talk about universal human conditions, love/loneliness etc but Fash have a tendency to put these conditions through a weird lens in our music," he explains. "I have a complex with time and cosmology. I like to put my relatable and human subjects through a lens of meta-fascinations like time and existentialism."

Today, however, we're premiering the official video clip for BreakThru, and it's one that amplifies End of Fashion's depth and versatility - something they want to show through their return - albeit in a bit of a different way to the initial single. It's eerie and almost cult-like, taking a dive into paganism and their rituals through really striking visuals filmed in West Australia's south - the tall, forest backing only doubling down on the video's twisted and haunting presence.

"This video proves End Of Fashion's not just a light pop band, (as many seem to think), but a gritty, 'heavy metal Beatles' as we've been described," Justin explains on the clip, directed by Charmaine Murray and Drew Kendell and starring the band's frontman himself. "There's depth to our music as there is to the people who wrote it, the video for BreakThru opens a world for our music to live in and creates a narrative that's not so straightforward, we want this video to make people think."

And that, it certainly does. Take a dive into End of Fashion's otherworldly video below, as it premieres on Pilerats today:

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