Photo Diary: Youngs' Single Launch by Savvy Creative

Photo Diary: Youngs' Single Launch by Savvy Creative

Featuring Youngs, Savvy Creative, Nico Ghost, Meat Sauce and Jack Hawkins.

A few weeks ago Melbourne outfit Youngs launched their stunning new single/video clip Serasan Shakes with a big show at Hugs & Kisses featuring Nico Ghost and Orches, along with a plan to film the show using Virtual Reality 360 Degree video like you may have seen floating around lately. Before that video's unveiling though, here's an annotated set from Photography/design collective Savvy Creative and Youngs themselves:

SAVVY CREATIVE: "When I meet the guys from Youngs they're sitting having a smoke on a decrepit couch on the front porch of their North Melbourne home. We say hey without immediately piecing together that I'm their photographer. This kindness sets the tone for the next two days, as I follow them from their last practice, to dinner and beers in Chinatown, setup, soundcheck and their single launch. The guys particularly impressed me with their commitment to creating an experience on the night - from the '360 guys', to Jack Vanzet's artwork, visuals by Meat Sauce and flying me down from Brisbane to help capture the launch with both analogue and digital photography. I feel privileged to have been a part of the night, and loved looking around and seeing a packed out Hugs & Kisses moving and grooving to four guys making damn good music."

01 Youngs Friday BySavannahVander

YOUNGS: The Virtual Reality 360 Degree Camera, aka The Ball Of GoPros.

02 Youngs Friday BySavannahVanderNiet

YOUNGS: At Chinatown filming the Virtual Reality 360 Degree video with Jack Hawkins.

03 Youngs Friday BySavannahVanderNiet

04 Youngs Friday BySavannahVanderNieT

YOUNGS: In the living room doing some last minute rehearsal/head data entry.

05 Youngs Friday BySavannahVanderNiet

YOUNGS: Behind Mike is our massive empty fish tank the we put plants in/on.

06 Youngs Friday BySavannahVanderNiet

YOUNGS: Yes, we decorate our living room with colourful tablecloths. And yes, Jesse likes to decorate his keyboard with matching synthetic flowers.

08 Youngs Friday BySavannahVanderNiet

09 Youngs Friday BySavannahVanderNiet

10 Youngs Friday BySavannahVanderNiet

YOUNGS: Todd enjoys the afternoon sun while attentively waiting for his band mates to help him with all the lifting.

11 Youngs Saturday BySavannahVanderNiet

YOUNGS: At the emergency assembly point/loading zone/Guilford lane/new theatre depending on which sign you want to believe.

12 Youngs Saturday BySavannahVanderNiet

YOUNGS: The backstage was a former men’s club 'room' with red drapery and glass tables... Now it's a place where bands drink tinnies out of a tub of ice.

13 Youngs Saturday BySavannahVanderNiet

YOUNGS: Some essential Meat Sauce props waiting to be put into place. The bust is actually made of stone and extremely heavy!

14 Youngs Saturday BySavannahVanderNiet

YOUNGS: Decor is key.

15 Youngs Saturday BySavannahVanderNiet

16 Youngs Saturday BySavannahVanderNiet

17 Youngs Saturday BySavannahVanderNiet

YOUNGS: King Nico Ghost commands the stage!

18 Youngs Disposable BySavannahVanderNiet

19 Youngs Saturday BySavannahVanderNiet

20 Youngs Saturday BySavannahVanderNiet

21 Youngs Saturday BySavannahVanderNiet

22 Youngs Saturday BySavannahVanderNiet

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