Premiere: Wet Kiss - Sister Duress

Premiere: Wet Kiss - Sister Duress

Weird, wild & wacky NSFW video from experimental Melbourne-based post-punks

Image Credit: Myles Pedlar (@mango_espadrille)

Coming in HOT today is the new video from Melbourne’s Wet Kiss for their latest single Sister Duress, premiering today on Pilerats. Gearing up for their debut album, forthcoming on the awesome Dero Arcade label, Sister Duress is an addictive blend of downtempo post-punk and new wave experimentation.

The musical mind behind Wet Kiss, Brenna O, says of the track “In reality I’m not a overly sexual person but I express a lot of  sexuality in my work. I see sexuality as a trope, a language, a material to play with and structure songs around. In this sense I  use the product of sex to negate the more personal subtexts or naunaces within the song about my own kind of sex. Popular music is traditionally about sex, even when it isn’t, so i am upholding these traditions to form my own language around sex. It is Rock and Roll. You can be anything and everything.”

And regarding the surreal, satirical, NSFW video Brenna tells “Sister Duress is the origin story of the relationship between me and my horny and broke band manager 'Pig'. My world is filled with humanoid dead beat punks living morally and philosophically lost lives. In my world punk music is a full time occupation that pays in street-cred not dollars. But what choice do we have. It's a very true story about the abjection of sexual desire and the power dynamic between a self proclaimed sex object and a money hungry sex fiend. It's the shameless actualisation of an incels fantasy come true.

We produced this video on a budget of around $10. We used scrap green fabric for the greens screen overlays and purchased a can of beer for pig to drink. The others materials were handy. I edit and produce all my own videos and visual imagery with the help of the band who I live with. Aldo came up with the concept to have Pig lusting for me over the internet. Pig is played by daniel's brother Tom and is a great actor and comedian. Pig and the rest of the band will feature in other upcoming videos.”

Check it out now!

Live Shows

Brisbane: East Brisbane Bowls Club, March 12
Colour, March 26 

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