Premiere: Liquid Time introduce themselves with their debut EP, Living

Premiere: Liquid Time introduce themselves with their debut EP, Living

The four-track release from the Sydney indie-rock group sees them introduce their many sounds and look forward into the future.

Since their 2017 debut single Fault Line, Sydney-based five-piece Liquid Time have emerged as a new force amongst a blossoming psych-indie-rock scene in the city's Northern Beaches, with a consistent stream of singles since - their two latest offerings Living and Heads Heart among them - showcasing their ability to take already established (and adored) sounds and twist them on their heads. In their work, they incorporate new energies and flavours that really push their distinct sound out of the box, teetering between genres and stylistic shadings as they prove their creative versatility and experimentalism.

As a result, it's extremely hard to place Liquid Time within a genre-labelled box. It's clear that their sound falls within the larger psychedelic/indie/rock umbrella, but at points, it twists with moments of electronic subtlety that brings it into a new area, while at other points, their influences in musicians like POND's Nicholas Allbrook injects an almost punk-like ferocity; both of which - plus many others - shining through as Liquid Time introduce themselves with their seemingly sound-encapsulating debut EP, Living.

Spanning four tracks, Living is an introduction into Liquid Time and how their sound is able to take on qualities unexpected. The aforementioned title-track swirls with Kevin Parker-popularised synth and guitars so washed-out and hazy that it almost feels like they're not there, while on Breathing, their sound morphs Mac DeMarco-esque jangly guitar with saxophone and crescendoing cymbals. However, regardless of what sounds Liquid Time incorporate into their distinct backbone, it somehow works - a sign that they're working with something special and new.

"Our debut EP Living is super special to us not only because it's our debut in the releasing more than one song at a time world but the whole process and how it all came together," says the band on the EP. "The EP explores some pretty personal themes from sucking back oxygen, to wanting to change from a pretty average human to an average one, to not being able to write a half-decent song and having to live with that sprinkled with a bit of classic liquid time love and heartbreak. I think our debut EP Living will give you a little snapshot of who we are as Liquid Time with a little taste of where we are going."

Dive into the EP below, and keep an eye on the group as they continue to flourish as we leap into 2020:

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