Cub Sport return with a pop twist for their first song from album #3, Sometimes

Cub Sport return with a pop twist for their first song from album #3, Sometimes

It's the first single from the loveable Brisbane group since their 2017 record BATS, and it may just be their best one yet.

One of last year's big local album releases came from Brisbane group Cub Sport, an album that mixed vulnerability and freedom as it tracked the coming out of frontman Tim Nelson, who as we all know, recently married his band-mate Sam Netterfield it what was probably the most wholesome event of this year's music calendar. They've been in the limelight ever since the album was first teased with the heart-breaking album highlight O Lord, recently dropping a video for Hawaiian Party which went pretty damn viral before joining the Vance Joy victory lap around Australia, which comes ahead of a big ol' US tour and shows at Spilt Milk and Falls Festival before the year's close.

Somehow, amidst all of this, the band have also been working on their forthcoming third album expected early next year, one that's just been teased with its first single arriving today in the form of SometimesSometimes debuts a new pop-centric side of Cub Sport, uniting their signature indie-pop charm with a euphoric, 90s-esque synth line and Nelson's bright vocals, which this time around, feels a lot more confident and self-assured - almost like a popstar - as he sways and darts above the single's blossoming production. Written smack-bang in the middle of the BATS roll-out, Sometimes ushers in a bit of a new era for Cub Sport, something the album is set to further explore, according to Nelson himself. "It was really special for me seeing others relate and connect with my journey but it was a bit overwhelming at times too," he says on the record. "Cub Sport is an entirely self-managed and independent group - so there was a lot of pressure handling everything while making myself so open and vulnerable – there were moments along the way where I was starting to feel pretty burnt out."

"I feel like alleviating a lot of societal pressures, expectations and fears has made way for a higher-vibration version of myself," he continues, noting that the album's theme is very much built into the lessons they learnt throughout the release of BATS, including opening their personal lives to help others. "Listening through the album, I can hear and feel a lighter new energy. This is the first body of work I’ve created entirely since being out, so in a way, I feel like this is the first album I’ve written entirely as myself and it feels powerful." Watch the single's video clip below:

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