Premiere: Meet COTERIE, who share an alternate take of Where We Began

Premiere: Meet COTERIE, who share an alternate take of Where We Began

The Perth-based indie-pop band are an exciting new force to come from the west coast, rising through their tastemaking skills in the live realm.

Rising from an increasingly brilliant indie-pop scene on the west-coast, COTERIE are a Perth-based four-piece who soon, will hopefully no longer require an introduction. The group - all members are brothers, based out of Perth - have emerged from the crowd across the span of 2019, both in the recorded format (they released their official debut single Where We Began back in August) and in the live format, the latter of which through a band-curated residency featuring a bunch of local acts we've been highlighting over the past year: Mali Jo$e, Jamilla, Adrian Dzvuke, 506 and the list goes on.

Through their residencies and their work thus far (which deepens with an ongoing YouTube covers series titled TasteMaker Sessions), it's clear that the band aren't afraid to think outside of the box both conceptually and in regards to genre norms; flicking between R&B and hip-hop mannerisms which they include in their glistening brand of hook-driven indie which today, gets spotlighted once again with an alternate version of their debut single.

Premiering today ahead of its greater release tomorrow, the alternate version of Where We Began sees them deepen the sound they introduced with its first edition, pushing things a little bit further as they channel the 'just because it's released doesn't mean it's finished' approach of Kanye West, for example. There's also an accompanying video clip too, which builds upon the original clip and offers an alternate view of a deteriorating relationship, the turmoil of a relationship's end, and the complexities that come with these all-too-familiar moments.

"We thought about releasing an alt version because as writers songs are never truly finished, you’re always making adjustments, writing new parts and never being satisfied.. but still, you have to put something out at some point," says the band's lead vocalist Tyler Fisher on the alternate take. "So this is an alternate version to a song we loved writing, and will probably never truly finish..." It's a brilliant song only made more brilliant by a few timely additions, and we can't wait to see where they go beyond this - regardless of whether it's a third take on the single, or something completely new to blow us away.

Dive into the alternate version of Where We Began, compare it to the original at the end of this feature, and in between, allow us to introduce you to the group as they arm themselves as one-to-watch in 2020 ahead.

Tell us about yourself?

We’re 4 brothers living in Perth. We grew up jamming in our parent's garage and listening to old cassette tapes from Stevie Wonder & Prince to Queen & Jimi Hendrix. We’re playing a lot of shows in our home city of Perth, there's so much happening here and so much talent here! A big part of who we are as humans & as a band is thanks to our city...

What’s the vibe music-wise?

I'd say that if you were to listen our latest single Where We Began, you’d find an emotive lyric speaking to the realities of heartache... Sound-wise, you could consider us to be an Indie/RnB/Pop band - but as people who have watched us live experience, we edge closer to a Soul-Rock/Seaside-Pop Band.

What are your production and writing processes like?

Play really loud, until something lands... Nah, we’ll usually draw the story of our lyric from experiences we've lived, or we’ll speak on something we see happening in our world... Culture & times affect our writing a lot - if we can write something that really resonates with people and speaks to the times we’re living in, that'd be a happy place for us.

Can you tell us about the alternate version of Where We Began?

Sure - ask any songwriter out there. We write songs, then re-write them 100 times, then go back to the first version and release that all whilst still unsure if what we are giving to the world is the version we want to share. There are so many angles to music, so this Alt version of Where We Began is just that, a different angle.

Dropping two versions of the same song/video is quite an uncommon thing, where did the idea come about and how was it executed?

You could say we’re a bit unaware of what's the norm in this industry haha. We had an idea for a different version of the song, worked it a bit and sent it to our mate and he churned out what we have today.

Any tour dates coming up?

The last few months we've been itching to get on the road, we're most at home when playing live I think. Since the single release we've been sweating out shows almost every weekend, but only in our hometown. Luckily as long as the suns out and your guitars half in tune, Perth folks are pretty happy.

National dates hopefully early 2020.

What does the rest of 2019 – and beyond - have in store for you?

We’re playing a bunch of shows here in Perth & Sydney- Australian Music Week in there! Also in the works, recording our next release with its music video, hopefully dropping this November!

Where can we find more of your music?

Our latest music and everything Coterie is on all platforms:



-Apple music

-Google Play




Tour Dates: 

Fri 29 Nov -Indian Ocean Hotel, Scarbourough
Sat 1 Feb - Missy Higgins Support@ Kings Park Botanic Gardens Perth (with Meg Mac & Didirri)
Thur 6 Feb - Residency Show El Grotto, Perth
Thur 13 Feb - Residency Show El Grotto, Perth
Thur 20 Feb - Residency Show El Grotto, Perth
Thur 27 Feb - Residency Show El Grotto, Perth


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