Perth favourites COTERIE continue their stand-out year with new single, Say Goodbye

Perth favourites COTERIE continue their stand-out year with new single, Say Goodbye

Arriving following the release of Salvation earlier this year, the new song comes just in time for Pilerats' 8th Birthday, on October 2nd.

COTERIE are really something special, but we've known that for a while now. Last year, the Perth-based brothers made an arrival with a debut single titled Where We Began, a track that really introduced Tyler, Joshua, Brandford and Conrad Fisher as a new face of Perth's indie-pop space with a mutual attraction to this emotionally potent songwriting that's been the star of everything they've put out since then. The four-piece are really unafraid of diving into the complexities of their emotions and the processes of reflection surrounding that, going deep into themselves to carve brilliant music that really reflects the band as well-rounded and multi-faceted people.

After sharing an 'alt lens' version of Where We Began at the tail-end of last year, the group have been unstoppable ever since. Salvation - a song that moves with subtleness and indulgent emotional richness - further solidified the band's introduction as something special, and an ongoing Tastemaker Series - which pairs them with acts initially in West Australia, but now spread all over the place - they've been able to show off their live chops despite ongoing restrictions, something they've been able to power through with a handful of shows since Perth's relaxation of regulations a few months back.

Now, with everything picking back up and the guys having their eyes set on making the most out of the remainder of the year, COTERIE are making leaps and bounds to ensure their place as one of 2020's most spectacular - and exciting - new West Australian groups. Their new single Say Goodbye really makes it three from three for the band, diving further into this emotional storytelling as they paint these descriptive pictures with soft-swirling guitar and keys, all of which sits underneath their moving vocals that really navigates the track's instrumental ebbs and flows with a class and charm that's fuelled their ongoing 2020 break-out.

More importantly, it's also just down-right genuine. While some pop musicians may manufacture emotions or emphasise them for songwriting to get a point across, you really get the idea that every ounce of COTERIE's storytelling is authentic, and that the emotions that underpin it come from the heart. It makes sense then, finding out that the song was quite a quick and natural one to write. "We wrote this in our lounge-room with Hauskey - who is absolutely brilliant - and honestly, it was just a song that fell out," the group explain. "It’s about the humanity of everything in this life. Nothing is forever... Saying goodbye is inevitable in a fleeting world. We wrote this song with that in mind; everyone knows this feeling - we all Say Goodbye at some point."

The single comes with an official video and with a handful of dates littering the next few months, including the Pilerats 8th B'Day we've been harping on about over the last few weeks. COTERIE are someone we're stupidly excited to see there - there's a reason why all their recent shows have been big ticket-movers - and with a new single fresh under their belt, you really get the sense it's going to be something special.

Take a dive into the video below, and grab your tickets to the show here.


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