Catching Up With COTERIE's Lush Leopard

Catching Up With COTERIE's Lush Leopard

Having just wrapped up a massive 10 week tour of New Zealand and Australia, we check in with COTERIE

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22 shows. 10 weeks. 2 countries. Sounds like a wild time? Just ask Boorloo/Perth-based, NZ-born band of brothers, COTERIE, who have done just that as they wrap up their delightfully named Lush Leopard Tour across New Zealand and Australia.

Kicking off at the end of 2023, the tour followed on from the band’s many recent successes, with the guys having racked up over 30 millions streams to date, picking up one platinum and four NZ Gold records, while receiving radio and media love around the country.

Before the guys set off on their adventures, lead vocalist Tyler Fisher stated "We've been jamming in our parent's garage our whole lives, so it's crazy to see our live shows get this much support from the fans. At the end of the day, we're just local boys making music for our mates to vibe to!"

With the tour now in the history books, we checked in with the guys to chat tour highlights, staying motivated on the road, music videos, new tunes and more!

You guys have just wrapped up your amazingly named Lush Leopard Tour that kicked off late last year, and I’ve gotta start by asking about the tour name - where did Lush Leopard come from?

We just put a couple of words together that we thought sounded cool.

Any highlights (or lowlights!) you’d like to share from the tour?

Bro this is a funny one but we had a chance to go back to one of our earliest venues, ‘The Indi Bar’ in Scarborough Perth! 2 years ago, we did 3 sold out nights back to back, and the only way we could go back this time round was to open up the whole car park and hold an outdoor show! Feels real good!

How do you guys stay energised and motivated on such a long tour?

Every morning as a group we wake up and bicep curl a couple tinnies. Followed by the beach and as much sunlight as possible!

What are your essential tour playlist tracks for those long drives and flights?

There’s only one rule about tour playlist tracks. We don’t talk about tour playlist tracks. Plus a bit of Miley Cyrus goes alright ay.

The video for your latest single Paradise sees you guys having way too much fun in some gorgeous settings - where was this one filmed and how did it come together?

To put a great/long story kinda shorter, we had a sick gig in Fiji towards the end of 2023. Flew the whole crew over for our gig but made a 2 week vacation out of it. One arvo we were hanging by the beach sipping a few coconut rums and decided to film our music video for paradise. We had nothing but an iPhone and spent 10 minutes filming with no script but just good views and good drinks and a banging tune!

When can we expect some new COTERIE sounds?

Yoooo we got a few up our sleeves and if you had a chance to come to our Lush Leopard Tour you might’ve heard some of the newys! 2024 is looking :fireemoji:

What else is on the cards for 2024?

We don’t even know what’s on the cards for tomorrow! However Europe is on the cards plus another potential tour down under!

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