Premiere: Tia Gostelow enlists her fans in the new video for RUSH

Premiere: Tia Gostelow enlists her fans in the new video for RUSH

The single, which arrived earlier this year, sees some of the Queensland musician's biggest fans come together to dance.

Header image by Kate Jean.

Since releasing her debut album back in 2018, Tia Gostelow is a musician who no longer needs an introduction. The Brisbane-via-Mackay musician's wonderful debut affair - Thick Skin - cultivated years of brilliant singles into a daring, 11-track release, one that showcased the rising musician at her truest form both musically (where her indie-driven pop quickly became synonymous with the next generation of Queensland-heralding music), and personally, where her inclusion on lineups and stages helped bolster the inclusion of indigenous musicians in the broader music industry.

In the time since, however, things have been a little quiet. She spent much of last year working with super-producer Oscar Dawson on album number two, only emerging with a little peak of what's to come through Get To It at the tail-end of the year. Then, came along RUSH - a second single for Gostelow that broadened her sound and took a dive into new influences and flavours, combining her signature craft in dizzying pop with a strong-armed 80s feel, pushed forward by hammering synth rather than the once-standard guitar backing.

"I’m so excited about this song and the new album. I feel like RUSH is the perfect introduction to the new sound and direction I’m going in, it shows off the use of synths and the 80’s vibe that is spread throughout the whole record," she teases; her new record seemingly falling more in-line with that of Robyn and Donna Summer, rather than the musicians she was once often compared against. "I’ve been so nervous about releasing all of these songs because it is so different to Thick Skin but I’m so proud of it and it’s definitely what I’m meant to be doing at this point in my life."

It was a step in the right direction for Gostelow, and the video clip for the single - premiering today on Pilerats - is another great step, with the musician working around the boundaries set in place due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The clip sees some of her biggest fans come together, singing and dancing along to the track in somewhat of a montage that really highlights the light-hearted and danceable nature of the single; the perfect visual accompaniment, considering how hard it must've been to build a video with everything going on.

"Figuring out how to shoot a music video during this global pandemic was really hard for me to visualise to be honest," she says on the clip. "I started brainstorming with my manager/mum and a friend Kate (who directed and cut it all together) about ideas that were really fun and involved other people, but also kept the self-distancing rules in place. S,o we decided to ask people to send in videos of themselves and the people they were quarantining with dancing and singing along to RUSH! We really wanted to capture people having fun and being themselves in the videos and it was really nice to see people being so creative with what they did!

"I really love this video and I know it's something that everyone that was involved in it will look back on and love too! It's definitely a nice reminder of how music can bring people together in such strange and difficult times."

The video clip for RUSH is a great time, much like the great time you'll have watching it below:

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