Premiere: Jordan Merrick teases his debut album with new single, I Don't Belong

Premiere: Jordan Merrick teases his debut album with new single, I Don't Belong

The Brisbane-based singer-songwriter will share his debut album, Night Music, on October 25th.

Jordan Merrick is someone who stands out from the crowd. Since his early break-out in 2017 (defined by his debut EP, In Colour), the Brisbane-based singer-songwriter has emerged as an exciting new name in this blues-inspired Americana sound, warped with a distinctly Australiana twist to bring it back home and make it stand out in his own lane. It's a sound that places stirring songwriting and emotion in the forefront - something that his music has become known for over the years - backed by guitar melodies both big and small, plus this Jordan Merrick twang that always manages to stand out.

This sound is something that Jordan's been crafting for years, but release-wise, he made a splash entrance with his debut single Untitled #1, which eventually paved the way for a consistent stream of singles until the release of two EPs - his aforementioned first, and its follow-up,  Songs From House Arrest. Now, in 2019, he's working towards something new, returning back in June with Low Country and again today with I Don't Belong, two tracks that put his debut album - out in October - as one of the year's most anticipated in this woozy blues-rock sound.

After Low Country's full-bodied and fleshed-out sound, today's second album taste is something notably more subtle and relaxed; his raucous rock sound reduced to something darker and slower, taking the time to extract a real emotional energy out of its slow-stomping pace. It's also a brilliant display of songwriting from a musician quickly becoming recognised for that, contrasting this dark, bluesy guitar with twinkling melodies over the top, while his howling vocal ebbs and flows with the single's naturally paced rhythms and grooves.

"I stood amongst a crowd of people also waiting for their commute to work. People staring at their phones. People talking. People with headphones in. I felt like I wasn’t meant to be there – I was meant to be at home or on the stage playing music – doing what I wanted to do and I felt like I didn’t belong," he says on the song. "Sometimes when you feel out of place it can give you a really interesting perspective. I Don't Belong captures this feeling and explores how we’re doing all we can to get by."

Jordan Merrick's debut album Night Music is out October 25th, but you can pre-order it on Bandcamp HERE. Catch him play an intimate pre-album launch at Gold Coast's Vinnies Dive on October 19th, and dive into its second tease ahead of its full release this Friday below:

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