Premiere: FeelsClub share a sombre moment with new single, After The Fall

Premiere: FeelsClub share a sombre moment with new single, After The Fall

The Brisbane outfit continue to experiment with new sounds and textures as they strive.

Brisbane-based group FeelsClub are one that soon, will no longer need an introduction. Since their dizzying debut single Come On a few years back, the five-piece have blossomed into a favourite amongst this new-wave indie-pop sound, with a consistent stream of singles ever since - plus some pretty big festival slots over the years - setting them forward as a group that continually delivers, regardless of whether you're looking in the recorded format or in the live music scene. The general gist here, is that FeelsClub is probably one of your favourite local bands around, and if they aren't, they probably soon will be.

In 2019, they're showcasing exactly what we've come to love from the band through a string of brilliant singles - Never Knows Best, MagicSo Done and now After The Fall - which together, encompass the band's highlights and how they've evolved over the years, while hinting at an exciting future ahead. The latter track, After The Fall, premieres on Pilerats today and it sees them shake things up ever so slightly; their self-confessed 'trash pop' sound taking a more sombre and down-tempo turn as they share a track which reflects on a recent break-up, letting us in through a touch of emotive lyricism.

After The Fall still has that distinctive FeelsClub charm though, it's just reworked into a slightly different way. At its most climactic moments, the track is a thickly-layered moment of gradual crescendo; their swirling synth and catchy hooks united in a somewhat anthemic chorus. Elsewhere, however, After The Fall oozes with something darker, taking their signature sound into a slightly melancholy direction that's yet to feature particularly heavy in the band's discography.

"I realised the melancholy wasn't coming from the loss of a person they clearly now disliked, it was from this feeling of guilt and blame despite doing all the right and kind things to end it and it still being horribly blamed on them. So I broke that down and felt I could relate it to that emotional situation you end up in when you have tried your best to make something you care about work and it all just fails and you can't help but kick and scream internally," says the band's frontman St Jonnie on the single. "In those cases you are both people in the break up, but internally, as you try to assess what is the best next step all the while holding blame and hate for what you had done to cause this failure. Mental health is a bitch but it matters to be kind to yourself and understand emotions aren't the outcome just the signal to what has happened in order to decide where to go next."

The single arrives with an official video clip that deepen the track's 80s-esque grooves, shot by Griffith University students (check it out above). Otherwise, they'll also be touring the track - plus plenty more to come - at shows through November and December, which you can catch below. Dive in, and pay particular attention to the video's opening, as it may hint at what's next... 

Tour Dates: 

Nov 21 - Newcastle @ Hamilton Station
Nov 23 - Sydney @ Union Hotel
Dec 7 - Melbourne @ The Esplanade

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