Premiere: Astro Elevator - 'Kaleidoscopic Trance'

Premiere: Astro Elevator - 'Kaleidoscopic Trance'

Melbourne psych-rockers unleash a sonic storm with searing new single - take a first listen

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Drawing inspiration from 60s garage psych and 90s/00s prog rock (with a hint of metal) is Naarm’s Astro Elevator who have readied the first taste of their upcoming sophomore album Cosmo Vortexia with the short, sweet and sharp sounds of Kaleidoscopic Trance, out January 24 but premiering on Pilerats today.

Weighing in at just over two minutes, the incredibly appropriately titled Kaleidoscopic Trance opens with some entrancing guitars before the explosive rhythm section enters the mix and kicks things into overdrive where they remain for the remainder of the song, with big distorted guitars meeting melodic lead lines and fuzzed out vocals.

The band explains “Kaleidoscopic is one of those songs that just came about completely organically, we fleshed out the whole song in basically one sitting, everything just came together perfectly. Our Mars Volta influence can really be heard in this track, with its chaotic drums accompanied by the droning and driving guitars. It’s two minutes of pure energy and fury and one of our personal favourites to play.

Enter the Kaleidoscopic Trance a day ahead of release:

Astro Elevator's new single Kaleidoscopic Trance is out January 24

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