Say G'day To 3 Of WAAX's fave Brissy bands, We Set Sail, Hound. and The Cutaways

Say G'day To 3 Of WAAX's fave Brissy bands, We Set Sail, Hound. and The Cutaways

All playing this Thursday at The Triffid as part of our Your New Fave Band series.

After a successful first go-round earlier this year, we're excited to present the second in our Your New Fave Band series, a collaboration with the good folks at The Triffid. As part of the series, we link up with respected Brisbane bands to find out who they're digging around their own traps at the moment, then ask those bands along for a night of free rock'n'roll and good times.

This Thursday 29 March the legends in WAAX have taken up the role of curators, themselves celebrating a huge week having just signed a deal with Dew Process, announced a huge Aussie tour, and have a brand new single in the oven (coming out April 27).

In the meantime though you'll be able to help them celebrate by heading down to The Triffid on Thursday night, and catching a few of their fave local bands at the minute. To help you get to know said bands a little better, we sent them all a short Q&A, which you can check out below:


Tell us about yourselves?

We started out in late 2016 and clicked together really quickly. Emmy and Ben (me) came from one band and Jeff and Marcus from another, and when we jammed everything felt more natural than anything we’d done before. Our songs are influenced by riffs from classic rock, the energy of punk and woahs by John Farnham. We’ve played interstate a bunch and completed a nationwide tour with The Bennies late in 2017. Emmy, our front woman, sings passionately about her experiences in a way that our audiences can relate to, whilst us boys back her up with pounding beats, pumping bass, loud guitars and wailing back ups.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

3 or 4 minute, melodic songs that sound a bit like The Divinyls, Against Me!, The Jam and The Distillers had a musical baby.

Production/writing process:

Emmy usually brings in an idea, or I have a on a few songs, and we build from there. It’s been a very all-in approach to this so we all take our bits seriously and review until we all love it. We record 98% of our practices so we can listen back and decide to add or take bits away.

Any recent releases we should know about?

We have a 4 track, self-titled EP that we released last year and have a video for our song Muscle In.

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

We’ve played a bunch of shows already this year and have started recording an album. We’re back in the studio this weekend actually! We will get this out during the winter and will do another tour to support it and say hi to everyone again! There’s been rumours of something happening in the US so it’d be super cool if that happened!

Where can we hear more of your music?

All the usual spots online like Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and YouTube – just don’t get us confused with Cutaways, who are an Americana/country band from the US!!

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Tell us about about yourselves?

We’re a rock band from Brisbane if you can believe it. We all lived together for years in houses where no one cared how much noise we made which was cool. One time our guitarist got hit by a car and now he can sit down with his legs folded over themselves like those Buddhists. It’s pretty weird.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

Someone once described us as the exact midpoint between Crowded House and Slayer. You’d probably call it post-punk though.

Production/writing process:

Oh man, it’s changed so much over the years. When we used to live in the same house the writing process was just a matter of waking up and convincing one of the others to jam. That’s around the time we recorded with Sean Cook at Plutonium Studios. We were pretty confused directionally then I think though, we didn’t know if we wanted to sound like early Cure or The Sound or Placebo or Hot Chocolate. Now the process is a bit more streamlined. Chris and Lucas will usually write and record demos and send them to us all and then we’ll decide which ones are heaps mad and then go jam them in our practice space where they take shape or don’t. We recorded our latest release back at Plutonium but with a different guy, Andre. He’s cool.

Any recent releases we should know about?

That’d be Drown With The Lot, it’s a 10-track 12” vinyl that was put out through Swashbuckling Hobo Records here in Brisbane (buy it HERE).

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

We’ve already recorded another EP that’s currently in the mixing oven. Who knows when it’ll get released though. I think Chris is moving to Portugal or something so maybe we’ll just put it out this week or turn them into mumble rap remixes and get face tattoos and take xanax and die.

Where can we hear more of your music?

We have two film clips that are kind of a storyline in a way: GOD IS CALLING and DROWN, and Last Call, which you can watch below. Or else everything is available on Spotify of course.

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Tell us about about yourselves?

Just five middle class white dudes, approaching middle age, writing songs about death and tragedy. But maybe it's not as depressing as that sounds.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

Equal amounts of ambient melodic interlude from bands like Explosions In The Sky mixed with crushing wall-of-sound fuzz from 90s-era grunge.

Production/writing process:

We get together once a week or so for friendship / therapy.

Any recent releases we should know about?

We recently DIY'd a live video series, which you can either watch on YoutTube or listen on Spotify, but you should also check out our last full-length record called Feel Nothing.

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

We currently have our third full-length LP at about 50% completion, which we plan to release independently.

Where can we hear more of your music?

The usual outlets, Spotify, iTunes, BandCamp, YouTube.

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