Photo Diary: Big White takes us on their SXSW adventure

Photo Diary: Big White takes us on their SXSW adventure

Fresh from a bunch of shows in Austin, their second album Street Talk is out this Friday.

Sydney pop-rock five-piece Big White are currently gearing up for the release of their second album Street Talk (out this Friday through via Spunk Records), which, judging from the two singles thus far in On And On and How Did You Find Out?, is set to be a ten-track run of energetic pop packed full of personal anecdotes. "Street Talk is varied in images and anecdotes," says singer/guitarist Cody Munro Moore on the record. "Everyone lives within their own little frame and many of these songs are just that, small afternoons, rushed by evenings, late into the night and woken up early in the morning."

The group have just wrapped up a stint at Austin's famous SXSW festival, and in celebration-in-advance of their new record, they've taken the time to let us join in on their adventure in the form of a photo diary – which has them recapping their Texas adventures and everything that went down. Check out their latest single How Did You Find Out? below, and dive into their Texas trip below that:

Big White's SXSW Photo Diary:

Day 1:

Highlight: All set to get the bus from Dallas to Austin, we stopped off at Juiceland to farewell our Dallas buddies Jack and Sara Sue and get a refreshing morning juice before hitting the road to SXSW.

big white 1

Lowlight: We missed the bus.

big white 2

Best Act: Because we didn't see any bands this day, the best act goes to the act of piling 4 people in the back of Sara Sue's car to drive to Austin.

big white 3

Wildcard: Supermarkets in America have ride-on carts!

big white 4

Day 2:

Highlight: We played the POND magazine house show and met up with our Sydney friends who came to party at SXSW with us.

big white 5

Lowlight: Some real low lighting in this very cool bar called La Perla where they do a drink called the "ar-modello" – a Mexican beer can with hot sauce cracked in.

big white 6

Best Act: New York homies "Navy Gangs"

big white 7

Wildcard: A traditional Texan game of "get-the-ring-on-the-hook" which isn't very fulfilling.

big white

Day 3:

Highlight: Our friend took us to her favourite diner in Austin which does breakfast 24 hrs. I had I thing called an "eggscape".

big white 8

Lowlight: Some guy at Weinerama throws a Weiner at his audience.

big white 9

Best Act: A touching and awe-inspiring set from this Devo-esque LA band "Distractor".

big white 10

Wildcard: Big White get let into the prestigious castle party!

big white 11

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