Premiere: Virgin Mary Disco - Automation

Premiere: Virgin Mary Disco - Automation

Enjoy the latest slice of new wave injected indie rock courtesy of Naarm/Melbourne four-piece a day ahead of release

Following up previous single Modern Man are Virgin Mary Disco, with the all too timely themes of their new slice of anthemic & atmospheric indie rock, Automation, out April 21 but premiering on Pilerats today!

A rollicking cut of upbeat, new wave inspired indie sounds, Automation builds and builds in intensity over its four minute run time, with rapid-fire guitars and swirling synths in the mix alongside sing-a-long inducing vocals, all of which reaches a climax as the song ends in an all too satisfying instrumental freak-out.

Lyrically, the single grapples with the concept of automation in the workplace, written from the perspective of an AI machine planning world domination. With the world entrusted to robots due to humans failing to take care of the planet, bassist Liam Spicer-Quinn explains:

We wanted the song to take the listener on a journey rather than just making one bold statement. When recording the song, we had the vision for it to sound almost ‘automated’ or machine-like, particularly in terms of the very straight drum beat, with that added delay on the hi-hats and snare (taking influence from post-punk’s experimental drum sounds) The drums and bass were meticulously recorded to achieve this.

Give Automation a spin as it premieres on Pilerats today ahead of its April 21 release!

Virgin Mary Disco's new single Automation is out April 21

Virgin Mary Disco Autmation

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