Premiere: Good Lekker continue their streak with another new song, Something Better

Premiere: Good Lekker continue their streak with another new song, Something Better

After a duo of singles last year and a searing return back in April, the indie-dance band continue their reign with yet another brilliant track.

Over the last 18 months, Good Lekker have been quick to establish themselves as one of the most electrifying new additions to the country's live music space. Things were already heading that way - their debut EP Samsara (released back in 2019) was a five-track introduction to the band and their captivating indie-pop-esque sound - but the last two years have seen them really level up, sharing a pair of brilliant singles last year before returning earlier this year with another, titled Hard To Be Alone.

With the streak of tracks they've released since mid-way through 2020, the Wollongong-based group have built themselves a sound heavier influenced by the indie-dance canon, capturing the nostalgia for long-time favourites - think Midnight Juggernauts, for example - but in a way that feels more 2021 than 2011. They're forward-thinking and adventurous in the way they carry distinctive sounds forwards, bringing them together with new energies and a trademark charm that has relished and grown within their latest work, as Good Lekker step further up the chain with everything they release.

It's something that too shines with a second single for 2021, premiering on Pilerats today ahead of its official release tomorrow, June 11th. It's titled Something Better, and it's perhaps one of the most potent takes of the Good Lekker sound thus far, capturing the excitement surrounding the group as they leap and bound towards their next major project. Something Better is a burst of fun, with pacing synth work dancing amongst fluttering guitars and bright vocals; the end result having this loud rush of anthemic-ness that feels destined for the festival stages in the years to come.

It's colourful and a whole lot of fun, showcasing Good Lekker's trademark punch of nostalgia - Something Better feels destined for a Parklife Festival speaker, in a way - and how they're able to present themselves as something new in the process of doing so. "Something Better was inspired by the unpredictability of trying to succeed within the music industry. It also questions whether success is something that can be quantified within the creative realm," says the band's Alex Gray on the single, which arrives ahead of east-coast tour dates throughout June and July. 

"For Good Lekker, the track is somewhat of an ironic ode to this idea as they hope it brings them 'success', however that may be. The track aims to showcase Good Lekker’s pop sensibility whilst having the rawer rock and alternative roots the band knows and loves."

Something Better achieves that aim with a near-perfect precision, and as everything comes up Good Lekker, it's an incredibly exciting time to hop on board. Do so, as Something Better premieres on Pilerats below, and if you like what you hear, catch them at one of their forthcoming tour dates underneath the single:

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