Premiere: Perth's The Washing Line Economy return with a new single, Luminary

Premiere: Perth's The Washing Line Economy return with a new single, Luminary

It's the band's first major release since sharing their debut album last year, and arrives ahead of a pair of Perth shows scheduled for the upcoming months.

The Washing Line Economy are more than just a band with a great name. Since their arrival back in 2018, the Perth-based four-piece have blossomed into one of the city's most promising new additions, carving themselves an exciting sound from shared influences and soaring musicianship that stretches from indie and punk to surf-rock, psych-rock and pop. It's a combination of sounds they've broken down over the last three years, with different singles pointing towards different facets of their sound and the over-arching themes common within their songwriting; these singles earning the band a spot as ones to watch in West Australia's musical future.

Despite the trials and tribulations of the last year, 2020 was a time in which The Washing Line Economy's 'one to watch' status proved to be correct, with the year welcoming the band's debut album - Supply & Demand - amongst a wash of shows that presented how they convey their sound on the live stage (when they were able to, that is). The album felt like an introduction to the band and a showcase at what they could do, capturing their versatility and the shine and polish that the band are capable of regardless of whichever sound they're aiming for.

Likewise, it's something that shows in their new single Luminary, which with its premiere today, marks the first taste of The Washing Line Economy since their debut album, and how they're furthering themselves in the wake of their debut album. It's a sparkling indie-pop tune that feels like an extension of their debut album without sounding exactly like any one of the album's songs, welcoming an example of the band's evolution and how they've managed to grow in the year or so since finishing their debut album.

This growth - this evolution - is something that shows in every dimension of Luminary; how their instrumentation feels a little slicker - something no doubt aided by their producer Nick Ireland (Spacey Jane, Dulcie, Butter) - and their lyricism feels a little grander and a little more potent in its meaning. "Luminary is a philosophical piece reminding the listener to always take a step back before passing judgement," says the band on the single. "A heartfelt message to oneself that you were once an individual you perhaps wouldn’t associate with now, everyone can grow and change for the better."

In addition to being the band's first single in about a year, it also marks their return to the live stage, as Luminary arrives with news of a pair of Perth shows scheduled over the next few months. The first is a single launch at The Indian Ocean Hotel this Saturday - August 14th - while the second one is a show at Badlands Bar scheduled in for this October; its date coming with suggestions that there'll be plenty more to come from The Washing Line Economy before then.

In the meantime, Luminary reaches all the heights it needs to, and you can take a dive into it below, as it premieres on Pilerats ahead of its release later in the week.

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