Exclusive: Stream Mt Cleverest's debut EP Money with a track-by-track walkthrough

Exclusive: Stream Mt Cleverest's debut EP Money with a track-by-track walkthrough

The five-track EP, which covers topics such as mortality, love and power, is the perfect introduction to the Perth band if you're yet to be acquainted.

In case you're yet to familiarise yourself with the band, Mt Cleverest are a Perth-based indie-rock band who, ever since their Brit-pop-influenced debut single  That Girl, have become one of our scene's most loved local groups. After initially teasing it with a single called These Nights last month, today we're stoked to exclusively premiere the band's long-awaited debut EP Money, a five-track exploration into their festival-ready indie-rock sound which, as you're about to find out, is actually pretty deep.

Over the EP's five tracks, the band dive into some pretty deep topics. It's opening single, written after the death of the lead singer's close friend, tackles mortality and life purpose while further tracks, such as the EP's lead single These Nights, are late-night reflections of lost love and missed moments. It's the perfect introductory point to their sound too, if you're yet to be acquainted, with the EP's five tracks each uniting this solid, indie-rock backbone with slight individual shadings which give each single this unique edge.

Arriving ahead of an EP launch at Jack Rabbit Slim's this Saturday – more deets and tickets HERE – dive into the full EP with a track-by-track walkthrough of its inner themes and creation below.

Take It Back
Theme: Mortality

Written after a close friend of lead-singer Christian Mechler passed away, Take It Back worked as a lens for Mechler to closely examine his life, his aspirations and launch himself out of depression. Take It Back is Mechler’s way of disarming listeners by presenting a self-assurance that can’t be swayed through external opinions. The song’s lyrics explore purpose, mortality and confidence while also paying dues to that in-the-moment magic that is shared between the band and crowd at any live show.

“With Take It Back I just wanted to inspire the listener to talk their shit and back themselves to reach their potential.” - Christian Mechler

Back From The Future
Theme: Confidence

Back From The Future is the most heavily hip-hop influenced track on the EP, experimenting with a fat bassline, funky drums, distorted guitars, and frenzied pedal and synth sonics. The song’s presentation of pure self-assurance and confidence is all but clear in the lyrics which portray from Mechler’s absolute faith in what the future holds.

“The song is basically about me coming back from the future and realising that Mt. Cleverest can't stop, slow down or deviate from our ascent to the top, knowing what I now know.” - Christian Mechler

Theme: Money

Written after lead singer Christian Mechler quit his full-time job to pursue his musical dream, Money is a fitting title track as it divulges Mechler’s grapple between financial and artistic freedom. Featuring phenomenal instrumentation and poignant songwriting that makes a point of highlighting that money isn’t everything, the song’s relatability in today’s consumer-focused society is undeniable.

“Too many people focus on money, greed and power but I don’t want to be rich or powerful. I’m rich in what matters and that gives me all the power I need.” - Christian Mechler

These Nights
Theme: Love

These Nights is a standout track off the EP, providing a more mellow moment amongst a bundle of bangers. Telling the all too familiar story of those late night reflections lying in bed alone thinking of a lost love, deliberating whether or not you can tell them how you still feel, the track demonstrates a greater depth to their songwriting skills.

“Love is the only thing that matters in the end so if you love someone tell them. Life is short and you may never get the chance again” - Christian Mechler

Step Back
Theme: Power

Step Back is arguably the most introspective song on the EP, shedding light on the stereotypical issues that come with being a broke musician trying to make it. With everyone in the band (and even our videographer) jumping in for vocals on the track, Step Back is a sing-a-long anthem for the masses and the metaphorical cherry on the cake that is the Money EP.

“I think this is definitely my most honest work as I’m really trying to reveal all of the pressures in my life and how I face it all.” - Christian Mechler

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