Premiere: Eliott strips back her most recent single, Circles, in new live video

Premiere: Eliott strips back her most recent single, Circles, in new live video

The slow-stirring rendition of the track really emphasises the emotive heaviness that underlays its every vocal.

Reflecting on the last two years of Australian pop music, it's clear that Eliott has something that very little others do. With everything she's put out since her show-stopping debut back in 2017, the Melbourne-based musician has worn her heart on her sleeve; a cliché used a little too often for singer-songwriter types akin to Eliott, but one that feels particularly truthful for the rising star, with every release capturing the emotions of the musician and the intense passion that goes into bringing these to life musically.

Her latest single, however, really stepped it up a notch. On Circles, her first song since last year's beautiful Find A Way and her only of 2020 thus far, captures Eliott at her most reflective and emotionally potent yet, with intensely personal lyricism - "I'm always on a diet, now I'm counting what I eat / And maybe by next summer, I'll be happy with me," she sings - telling an honest story on self-worth; the pain and frustration she's held towards herself in the past opening up, and making Circles quite the powerful moment.

"It navigates through a lot of my life,” Eliott explains on the track, which arrived midway through last month alongside an official video clip, filmed through the streets of Paris by Martin Bouffange. "Dropping out of university, letting down my parents, always being on diets, and ultimately living in this cycle of making mistakes and hating who I am.”

It's a song that really highlights all the emotion that goes into Eliott's music, and her knack for intimate storytelling feels like it's hitting a new peak with Circles, but when it's stripped back into something a little more subtle and delicate - where her longing vocal cry and every drop of emotion that goes into its lyrics and fly free, not distracted by a production that swirls underneath - you're really forced to pay attention to what she has to say, and that's something that's really highlighted on a new live take on the track being premiered on Pilerats today.

The 'stripped' version of Circles reduces the track's rich production down to its most simplistic and bare, with a soft guitar melody forming a new underlay for Eliott's vocal to move amongst. As a result, the vocal is emphasised, and as mentioned, the emotion that underpins it really gets a chance to shine, especially paired with nostalgic visuals looking back on her past - friendships, performances, what-not else - wedged in between video of Eliott playing the single's new take.

It's something definitely worth watching, so do so below and stay tuned for Eliott's next work - they're bound to be some of the most beautifully intense music to come out of Australia this year.

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