Introducing the woozy beats of Silva, and his latest single, Bloom

Introducing the woozy beats of Silva, and his latest single, Bloom

Formerly half of Perth bass duo TWERL, Silva is looking to keep things a little more chill.

Silva is the new project form Harrison Bailie, whose former project TWERL will be well recognised amongst the electronic/bass head crew here in WA and further afar. As you'll read below, Bailie has turned his attention towards a slightly more introspective sound, more inline with the Soulection vibe, and so far so very good. We've shared his two most recent tracks below, and got to know where he wants to take Silva in the future:

Tell us about about yourself?

Hi my name's Harrison, i'm 21 and I've been making music for about three years now. Majority of this time I spent in a duo called TWERL but recently have recently left to find my own unique sound.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

Experimental hip hop. Absolutely in love with how much room for growth there is within the genre and the way you can add aspects from so many other genres. You can just get so flexible and creative with it. It's a super broad genre, but I'm talking people from Flume all the way down through to the Soulection crew.

Production/writing process:

For me there is absolutely no structure to my writing process at all, which at times gets frustrating. One day I'll have an idea of a cool melody or a chord progression, then everything all comes together from thats small part. My best work is usually written super quick and when I say quick I mean the track will be finished within an hour or two.

Can you tell us about your new single, Bloom?

Bloom really digs down right into my day one roots. Soulection is what got me into making music and I would definitely categorise Bloom under Soulection's own small sub genre. This is going to be a really special track for me because it's the first track for the project with that kind of sound that I have released. It's also a huge step in the direction I want to take my sound. The main thing I enjoyed writing about the track is working with absolutely no vocals or singers at all, it's simply a beat yet to me it is still captivating.

Any shows coming up?

Two shows currently on the bill! I'm on support for Ekali next week! I am super hyped for this one, he's definitely one of my favourite artists at the moment. Watching him slowly find his own sound and grow over the last couple years is amazing to watch, really inspiring. The other show is at Halloween Fest under my old duo TWERL which will be my last show under that moniker. Going to be super fun!

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

I've got another release with female vocalist Ala from the UK under Elysian records later this month which I'm super hyped for. Other then that it's time to experiment with new sounds, work with new vocalists and just keep experimenting! My main goal for the end of the year is to have a super unique sound that has an underground and weird vibe to it, but still appeals to larger target audiences.

Where can we hear more of your music?

Mainly through my SOUNDCLOUD; and also my UNEARTHED PAGE.


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