Pile Monthly Mix: Aug '22

Pile Monthly Mix: Aug '22

We wrap up some of the biggest dance music of the last month in one convenient and diverse mix

With so much dope diverse dance music coming out every month (day!?), there’s far too much to cover everything individually or keep up with unless you’re borderline obsessive (hint: us), so enter our new monthly mix series, where we take our favourite releases of the month to the decks and see what happens.

Expect genres and styles ranging from downtempo organic house to stripped back jungle and (basically) everything in between… in the same mix.

Our August ‘22 mix is no exception, kicking off with mellow house from the likes of Frank & Tony and Dave DK remixing DJ Koze, jacking vibes from Underground Resistance remixing Wajeed and Chaos in the CBD, UKG influenced flavours from Otik and Mall Grab, deep dubstep from K-Lone and Alix Perez & Eprom as Shades, trance from Justin Jay and Marlon Hoffstadt, and jungle from Ill Behaviour and Thugwidow.

Check it out, full tracklist below!


Born Under A Rhyming Planet - Avenue [DDS]
Frank & Tony - Eastern Meantimes feat. Eliana Glass [Scissor and Thread]
DJ Koze - Illumination (Dave DK Remix) [Pampa Records]
Phonk D - Disco Royale [Pomme Frite]
Wajeed - Motor City Madness (Underground Resistance Remix) [Tresor Records]
Chaos In The CBD - Intimate Fantasy [In Dust We Trust]
Fantastic Man - Bioxy [Kalahari Oyster Cult]
Chizawa Q - Aisa4 [R&S Records]
Jeigo - I.Y.E.F.U [Air Miles]
Jonah Almost - Almost Dead feat. D3AD6OY [Hot Haus Recs]
Mall Grab - Without The Sun [Looking For Trouble]
Otik - Insomnia [Solar Body]
Hudson Mohawke - Tincture [Warp Records]
K-LONE - With Luv [Wych]
TRAKA - Lead Spitter feat. Riko Dan, Mintou & Alex Leaf [YUKU]
Shades - Into Stone [1985 Music]
Data Assault - Abuso Verbal [Nice & Deadly]
Justin Jay - Warp [1Ø PILLS MATE]
MALUGI - Heart and Soul [Savour the Moment]
Marlon Hoffstadt AKA DJ Daddy Trance - Techno Installation [Midnight Themes]
DJ Overdose - Ðr¡v€ M€ ¢r@z¥ (J. Mono Remix) [Dalmata Daniel]
Ebb - Blue Energy Drink feat. JD Loom [Par Avion]
Thugwidow - Dissociative Funk [Western Lore]
Ill Behaviour - Side B (ILL 007) [Ill Behaviour]
Romare - Quiet Corners of My Mind [You See]

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