Meet: Jade Rich

Meet: Jade Rich

With a new name and new tunes, meet Boorloo/Perth’s Jade Rich as we premiere her debut single of electronic pop, ‘Mind Reader’

A few years on from her 2021 single Golden Hour under the name San Solis, West Aussie producer and vocalist Jade Rich makes her return with the big, bold & bouncy electronic pop of Mind Reader premiering on Pilerats today ahead of its April 21 release!

Fusing downtempo beats with flourishes of piano and atmospheric synths, Rich’s striking, layered vocals float ethereally above the mix, pulling the listener in.

Mind Reader is about not knowing what the future holds but courageously stepping into it anyway, leaving the old behind.” says Jade Rich. “Being so young and so deep in a relationship that isn't aligning with you can be hard to identify. When you have that realisation of not even knowing who you are, it forces you to say goodbye to that old version of you and to learn who you really are”.

Having previously shared stages with the likes of Coterie, Teischa, Death By Denim and Riley Pearce, expect to see Jade’s name on line-ups around Boorloo soon.

To celebrate the release of Mind Reader, we got to know Jade a bit better - give her new single a spin a day ahead of release and get to know below!

Tell us about yourself?

I'm a singer songwriter living in Boorloo in a cute little apartment I can call my own. I hit a milestone last month by making it to the big 3-0 with a hairdressing career under my belt. When I'm not chopping bangs I'm producing and writing electronic pop tunes at home, after a short break I'm now back into my music again and it feels better than ever. How did you first get into making music?

I started singing and dancing when I was two and a half and studied music throughout my school years. It wasn't until highschool where I began writing. I got gifted an acoustic guitar when I was about 13 and I would just sing and play 'Bubbly' by Colbie Callait on repeat. Drove my parents mad! From there I would just learn chords from covers and then write my own. When I started studying jazz, that's where the fun began because I loved it - the possibility of where that style of music could take you and how it would make me feel but I definitely did not keep up my guitar skills for that - I've moved across to my laptop which is where everything tends to happen now.

Tell us about your creative process?

I mainly write lyrics and melodies whilst driving (safely of course!). It's where I truly feel alone, where I can make mistakes, sing lyrics over and over again without annoying anyone, little sparkles of inspiration by seeing new things that might bring up a memory or just processing something that might be going on for me at the time. Any chance I can drive down south is a win. I would get home and nut out some basic chords on the keys then take it to a friend to be "prettified" if you like. I really love collaborating but it's also scary sometimes.

Tell us about your new single?

Considering I wrote this song years ago it has been produced and played in so many different ways. My influences have always remained pretty solid; Jordan Rakei, Amber Mark, Olivia Dean, Låpsley, Charlotte Day Wilson to name a few. Where 'Mind Reader' has landed for me is my favourite version thanks to Taj James Jones (DXPTH) and George Gunson (Death By Denim). I have worked musically with George for a long time and he always hears things so differently but knows where I like it to go so we finished writing and fleshed out the track then took it to Taj. We have been working in his home studio based in Freo since mid July 2021 and it's been such a wonderful experience. His attention to detail and self-taught skills are admirable plus he's just a bloody lovely guy. His production is something to keep an ear out for.

What's coming up for the rest of the year? (Music or otherwise)

We are currently working on an EP so if I kick my butt into gear, keep an eye out!

How can fans best support your music?

Listen to it through really good headphones or monitors! And follow us on all the things - Spotify, Instagram, etc. Pre-saving our single always helps too and of course coming to live shows - like our single launch at The Bird on Sat May 13!

What have you been listening to lately?

Beau Diako, Dijon, Holly Humberstone and Olivia Dean

Jade Rich - Mind Reader Single Launch

Fri May 13 - The Bird - Northbridge

w/ Hey Hannah, Rosarrie, Have A Good Day & Fiore Vinyl DJ

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