bbno$ and Rebecca Black interview one another to celebrate their new collab, yoga

bbno$ and Rebecca Black interview one another to celebrate their new collab, yoga

Two of 2021's most forward-thinking and genre-bending musicians come together for a new song and an exclusive chat to accompany it.

You couldn't have told us a few years ago that in 2021, bbno$ and Rebecca Black would be amongst music's most forward-thinking, genre-experimenting names.

On one side you have bbno$, the Canadian-raised jack-of-all-trades who caught our attention in the early days of electronic music's post-Soundcloud revolution, notably through day-one collaborations alongside Mr. Carmack, Promnite, Y2K and more. In the years since then, however, he's blossomed into a collaborative force to be reckoned with, showcasing his genre-veering creativity through songs alongside Rich Brian, BENEE, Yung Gravy, Cuco and others.

Then, you have Rebecca Black, a once-viral teenage success who ten years after her debut, is making a hyperpop-sounding comeback. After a collaboration with Dorian Electra reframed her in the public eye, her June-released Rebecca Black Was Here EP was a six-track encapsulation of her adventurous new sound; earworming through its dancing hooks and soaring melodies yet hard-hitting and high-octane in its experimental production outside of pop music's usual outer fringes.

Knowing their co-existing left-field glow-ups, it makes sense that the two acts would eventually come together, and the today-unveiled collaboration yoga sees it happen. It's a disco-tinged rush of energy and excitement, with a funk-driven production by Diamond Pistols layered alongside bbno$'s dynamic vocal, which flexes its eclecticness as it switches between a more rap-leaning pace and moments a little more subtle and slower within the same song. Then, there's Rebecca Black, who adds yet another dimension with her smoother, rich vocal nestled in between everything else going on, offering a more pop-like touch to the mix.

"I was so stoked to jump on yoga as soon as I heard it, it’s crazy how seamlessly we/bb/diamond pistols were able to put this together remotely - they absolutely killed it," Rebecca Black says on the single, which arrives alongside a video clip directed by frequent collaborators Shiraz and Michael Anthony. "Working with bbno$ has been outrageously fun and full of surprises at every step and I can’t wait for everyone to see the chaos we got ourselves into for the video. Jury’s out on who does bbno$ or RB better…ourselves or each other."

It's one hell of a time, but you know that we couldn't let such a monumental collaboration end with just a single song and video. So, we got the pair to interview each other, which you can take a dive into below alongside the official video clip.

Stay tuned for the release of bbno$'s new album eat ya veggies, out tomorrow (October 8th).

bbno$ interviews Rebecca Black:

1. What was the first thought when I hit your messages with the song? Did you know my music prior to myself sending YOGA?

Yeah of course! When I first saw your dm I was kind of surprised and honestly not sure if you were super serious about it. But in my mind I was like… hey, if he’s down I’m down. When you sent the song I legitimately really loved it and had an idea of what I wanted to do almost immediately. So I got to work right away and send it back in a couple of days I think.

2. We just shot the most ridiculous music video of all time, it's so friggin sick. What was the most interesting scenario throughout the weekend?

I have to say it was definitely pulling up to a parking lot full of like 20 lowriders without any clue that was about to happen.

3. Favorite thing in Vancouver/Victoria for the few days you were there?

Honestly, it was so refreshing to be in a new space with such nice people. Everyone we were with including your squad was just awesome to be around. I’d also say it was really cool to see so many little bits of Victoria through all the different locations we shot in. Beach, downtown, gardens, it was all really peaceful and a big change from LA.

4. Would you say you have been going siccomode?


5. You got a tour coming up, what's the production/ show looking like? Are you excited? Have you ever done a headline?

I’m super excited! It’s my first headline tour and I obviously want to pull out every stop I can. We’re building some really beautiful visuals right now that I’m stoked on as well as starting to pull all the musical pieces together - I don’t think anyone will have ever really seen me in this type of space before.

6. This really isn't a question but how good was Acorn? You and your manager Kenny were going crazy. Fuck it's literally the best food in the world lol.

If there’s one way to win Kenny and I over w literally anything it's food, so it was pretty much a perfect send off. Shit was crazy

7. Define the most ideal breakfast after a long night of partying.

Breakfast burrito from Tacos Por Favor in West LA. I have to drive like 30 min to get it but it's honestly the best breakfast burrito I've ever had, goes absolutely insane when you’re hungover.

8. Donda or CLB?


9. Pho or ramen?


10. 69 or 420?


11. How much money do you have right now and what's your SSN?


Rebecca Black interviews bbno$:

1. What made you think of asking me to be on Yoga? Did the song lyric come beforehand?

I think the general thought process of having a bender on a weekend then transitioning to just like "getting down" introduced the name drop. Not sure really specifically how we came up with it. But I guess it worked really really well lmao.

2. It's so cool to me how many songs nowadays get made through sliding in DMs/talking over the internet with someone before ever actually meeting in person. How do you feel about it and have you ever had any crazy moments/experiences meeting other artists/musicians online?

Not really, I swear you are the only artist I've ever worked with through the DMs. Since... working with Yung Gravy when we both had 100 followers on Soundcloud. To be honest, I feel like having a song with you may be the craziest 'DM/artist thingy' moments in my life ily.

3. So stoked to hear the whole album. How long has it been in the works and how are you feeling leading up to it dropping?

Honestly not that long, I made most of it in May. Then the last addition was brainless, which was a week and a bit before delivery. I am stressed but it'll all work out in the end. It always does, thanks for being a part of it!

4. I'm so curious to know - did you have any expectations of what I'd be like before we ever met in person?

Not really, I had been watching what you have been doing on social media and I was like dam she coming back super strong. I really try to not have expectations of people when I meet them. There isn't really a point of doing that, regardless though it was sick to do the video with you and hang lol, really glad it all worked out, it was super fun!

5. On a scale of scary-epic how much do u think I pulled off your look in our video?

I am still scared, thanks for doing it LMAO. Shits epic.

6. Will you please bring out the platform heels for at least one night on tour and can I match? Would you ever wear heels for fun? Be honest.

If the heels were a little bit more comfortable, I may be down to do it more often. Shout out to all the queens and women who wear these puppies, fuck it's difficult. But I mean, if I don't wear my arch supports for a day, my back gets thrown out immediately. Maybe LA we set it up, let's figure it out.

7. Have you ever actually done Yoga?

I do it every morning, at least I try to. Especially on tour, couldn't go a day on tour without stretching and meditating. I am in the process of doing 11 interviews today, I certainly will do some before I go to bed today.

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