A touring bingo rave with Nikki Webster and Rebecca Black in 2020's most cooked event

A touring bingo rave with Nikki Webster and Rebecca Black in 2020's most cooked event

What more can you want that a high-energy bingo rave, hosted by Alex Dyson, and featuring two of the 2000s' most decisive pop queens?

We've seen our fair share of out-of-the-box events over the years, whether it's festivals targeting very specific niches - often nostalgia-built, like the mid-00s R&B throwback event R&B Fridays or its pop-centric, Pussycat Dolls-starring sister-festival So Pop! - or just one-off events that seem to capture rising trends that for some reason, need a fully-fledged event to celebrate them: Cheeseboard festivals? Sure. Kmart Home Series launch shows? Yeah, sign me up. Coronavirus raves launching in the underground to fill Coachella-sized holes in the music market? Sounds risky, but sure.

In saying that, however, Bingo Loco may be an event that tops 'em all. It's been a favourite of the national entertainment world for a while now - they've been doing Perth shows for a while, with most of them selling out pretty damn quickly - that basically takes the classic bingo format and stuffs it into a rave setting, pairing numbers with a tonne of strobes, drinks and lip-sync competitions and so on that makes it quite unlike anything else. There's often a few big prizes up for grabs too - trips to Las Vegas and Coachella have been thrown up in the past (hopefully not for this year, though) - and it sounds like a real joyous time.

Their just-announced Bingo Loco XXL event, however, really takes the cooked element of a touring bingo rave event and multiplies it by a hundred. Touring across the country this May, the event will add a nostalgic twist to its set-up by incorporating two cult stars from the 2000s: Sydney Olympics-worthy Strawberry Kisses icon Nikki Webster and Friday cult-star who had a viral hit before viral hits were a thing Rebecca Black. There's also esteemed rave master Alex Dyson at the helm to, ensuring that the May Bingo Loco tour is definitely amongst the year's most spectacular and over the top shows.

The event partners with the Make-A-Wish Australia foundation - proceeds from the event goes to the foundation, which helps create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses - so you can enjoy it all while doing something good for the world too. There's literally no excuse to why you shouldn't go, unless tickets sell-out that is.

Check out the full event below, and grab your tickets and more information via their website. And now, let's all take a moment to remember Rebecca Black's follow-up to Friday, which unfortunately was not called Saturday (although she did release a song called Saturday a few years later).

Bingo Loco XXL:

bingo loco xxl event poster

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